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Greek Islands Gay Bears Cruise 2021
Gay Bear Cruise Greece Gay Bears Cruise 2021

Greek Islands & Turkey
Gay Bears Cruise 2021

August 28 – September 4, 2021


Celestyal Cruises

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Celestyal Crystal

Celestyal Crystal

Ship Facts

Gross tonnage: 25,611

Length: 162 m

Breadth: 25.6 m

Draught: 6.10 m

Cruising Speed: 18 knots

Passenger Capacity: 952

Crew: 406



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Greek Islands & Turkey Gay Bears Cruise 2021

7 nights from/to Athens, Greece

August 28 – September 04, 2021
Celestyal Cruises Celestyal Crystal

Greece Gay Bears CruiseJoin your bear buddies and friends on as we sail the the Greek Islands and experience the best of Greece with all your senses. Whatís really special: the ship will spend overnights in Mykonos and Santorini. This means you can enjoy a taste of authentic Greece after dark! The Mediterranean is built on myths, history and warm people. Thereís nothing you may want that you canít find here. Book a cruise now and give yourself the gift of a lifetime!

Come and be serenaded by the romance of the Aegean on our brand new ďIdyllic AegeanĒ seven-night cruise. Visit the most enchanting Greek island destinations dotted around the Aegean Sea, where culture, history, pristine beaches, and fishing villages suspended in time all await. Thereís something to suit every taste on our extra-special cruise, and with overnight stops in Santorini and Mykonos, come and unravel the best-kept secrets of these sun-soaked shores by night. Indulge in everything your heart desires and embark on an effortless odyssey through the jewels of the Aegean.

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Arnos Greece gay bears cruise


To travel the Aegean sea is to travel through history. A welcoming basin, protected from extreme weather has been inhabited for aeons. The entire spectrum of blue and green shades paint the scenery of the region interrupted only by small white paintbrushes to mark the settlements the locals build since the beginning of history. Itís difficult to pick your destinations but there are some spots that are unmissable. Take for example the martian-like island of Milos, home of the celebrated Venus de Milo, dazzling with its breathtaking beauty, stunning beaches, amazing sunsets, picturesque villages and warm hearted people. Santorini shares some star qualities with Milos but she is the queen of the Aegean. Only a poet can describe with words this unique experience filled with colors, sounds, sights, flavors and emotions. Pristine beaches, traditional architecture and cosmopolitan sunsets are only few of Santoriniís indisputable charms.


Bears Greek Islands cruise


Mykonos needs no introduction. The nightlife remains to be surpassed by any other as well as the luxury and beauty of the island. A small blue rock inviting all types of travellers to its sandy blonde shores. The largest island of the Aegean is Crete, the birthplace of writing and a national treasure of history and landscapes. The capital, Heraklion, invites you to medieval adventures and just a few kilometers away you time travel to Minoan Crete. The hospitality of the locals and the quality of every aspect of your experience will leave you wanting more.

The crossroad of civilizations and history, Kusadasi, welcomes you in its port and old caravanserai and leads you to the ancient city of Ephesus. The excursion to the ruins will travel you through time to glorious empires and forgotten gods.


Greek Isles Bears Cruise on Celestyal Crystal


Your Ship - Celestyal Crystal

As soon as you step aboard Celestyal Crystal, youíll realize your getaway couldnít possibly feel more comfortable or more like home. Enjoy comfortable staterooms and suites, elegant restaurants, bars and lounges, spa and fitness rooms, as well as promenade decks, where you can revel in the splendor of a starlit ocean sky.


Celestyal Crystal Amalthea Restaurant


Indulge in Culinary Delights
The signature Celestyal experience starts in the very heart of our cruise ships Ė the dining rooms and lounges. Here you can indulge in rich culinary delights cooked from scratch by our talented chefs and savor fresh Mediterranean ingredients. Thereís no better feeling than sitting back with a crisp glass of wine and delighting in an array of quality, authentic local food.

Your cruise package includes three wholesome meals as well as afternoon tea every day. Start your morning with our freshly-baked bread and pastries, then browse the buffet or ŗ la carte menu for lunch and dinner. When the sunís shining brightly, thereís even casual al fresco dining on our decks as well as room service, so you can choose exactly how and when you want to eat.

Thatís what makes your Celestyal Cruise vacation so special Ė service from the heart, lovingly-made food, memorable mealtimes and comfortable lounges to relax with a drink.


Celestyal Crystal Olympus Restaurant


All of Celestyal Crystal dining areas, lounges and bars have been carefully designed to accommodate and preserve the intimacy and comfort one expects while cruising. Head over to the Amalthia and Olympus restaurant for some fine dining, or to Aura Grill and Leda buffet for something tasty, quick and easy. Both places serve dishes you wonít forget soon!

At the Helios bar you can enjoy a cup of coffee, while at the Horizons, Muses or Eros Lounge & Bar you can have your favorite cocktail. If you feel like something cozier, you can always relax at Thalassa bar for a night drink, while you indulge in some stargazing.

Your cruise is all-inclusive of four freshly-prepared meals a day, but for your comfort and enjoyment, you can also opt to upgrade your dining experience with more exclusive dishes for an additional fee.

At Celestyal Cruises, we do everything we can to make sure you can relax while you enjoy the delicious gastronomy that makes our cruises unforgettable!


Celebrity Crystal pool


Relax. Keep Fit. Feel Special
Cruise vacations are for pampering, disconnecting and treating yourself. Onboard Celestyal Crystal you can do it all.

Our revitalizing onboard spa is where all your day-to-day worries are left at the door. Choose any of our professional spa treatments and packages that include several types of head and body massages such as Balinese Shiatsu, classic Swedish massage and aromatherapy as well as cleansing facials, honey and sugar body exfoliation, hot stone treatments and mud wraps for a rejuvenating and invigorating cruise vacation. Just remember to book your appointment in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our cruise ships all come with well-equipped gyms where you can keep up with your daily fitness routine or even try a new workout regime. Start your morning with a stretching program to feel ready for the day ahead, or come to the gym at the end of a day to disconnect with a motivating exercise program.


Celebrity Crystal outdoor bar


Feel like getting your blood pumping at sea? Learn new moves at a Zumba class or test your nerve with a game of ping pong or darts. If youíre more of a spectator, just stroll on up to the deck and watch all the excitement unfold while enjoying the good weather.

Our onboard salons add a touch of glamor to your vacation. Expert beauticians, hairdressers, manicurists and pedicurists will pamper you and make you feel fabulous as you get ready for Gala Night or cocktails with your loved one. And as we only use the best products, your fabulous feeling will last even longer - just remember to book an appointment in advance as our salons are very popular. Whatís more, our salon packages make great Bon Voyage Gifts!

Fun & Games
Our onboard quizzes and games guarantee a night of pure entertainment. We have lots of different quizzes on the go like general knowledge, music and a cruise quiz, as well as many other games and board games including Name That Tune, Pictionary, Guess the Celebrity, Stop the Bus and Men vs Women. There are also electronic games to keep every generation entertained such as Wii Sports and many more.


Celebrity Crystal spa


Only for Bears!

• 7 nights Greek Islands & Turkey cruise

• 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

• Unlimited Beverage Package Included (Soda, house wine and liquors. Top shelf can be purchased for an up-charge.)

• 3 Selected Shore Excursions Included

• Entertainment on Board Included

• Gratuities Included

• Exclusive Bears Cruise get-togethers

• Group dining

• Select private shore excursions

• Excellent customer service

• Bear cruise cruise director and host

• Pre- and post- hotel packages


Greek Isles Bears Cruise

Greek Islands & Turkey Bears Cruise 2021 Itinerary





 28 Aug Athens (Piraeus), Greece    7 PM
 29 Aug Kusadasi, Turkey 8 AM 7 PM
 30 Aug Rhodes, Greece 8 AM 6 PM
 31 Aug Agios Nikolaos (Crete), Greece 8 AM 12 AM
 01 Sep Santorini, Greece 7 AM  
 02 Sep Santorini, Greece   2:30 AM
 02 Sep Milos, Greece 8:30 AM 1:30 PM
 02 Sep Mykonos, Greece 7 PM  
 03 Sep Mykonos, Greece   11 PM
 04 Sep Athens (Piraeus), Greece 9 AM  

Greek Isles gay cruise



Greek Isles bears cruise from Piraeus

Piraeus (Athens), Greece
The largest port in the Mediterranean and primary departure point for Greek Island cruises from Athens, Piraeus is a hubbub of activity that will bring your senses to life. With a sun-soaked promenade, al-fresco cafes and bars and countless shops, itís a place where you can easily relax with a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

A port since antiquity, its seemingly infinite rows of quays are filled with luxury yachts and the comings and goings of people visiting the city of Athens or heading out to the blissful Greek islands. Further along the bay, youíll find the charming port of Pasalimani where the laid-back atmosphere provides an escape with boutiques and secluded eateries.

Piraeus is your gateway into one of the worldís oldest cities. Venture into Athens alone or join a guided excursion from the cruise ship to discover the cityís ancient monuments, iconic landmarks and an open-air museum thatís like nothing youíve ever seen before.


Kusadasi, Turkey gay bears cruise

Kusadasi, Turkey
Arriving in the port of Kusadasi, Turkey youíll instantly feel at home. A huge covered bazaar stretches out in front of you and the buzz from trendy seaside bars and restaurants floats through the air. Follow your instincts and lose track of time ambling from cafť to cafť and exploring its myriad of shops and historic sites.

Find time for yourself on one of the many white sandy beaches in and around Kusadasi such as Diamond Beach, Paradise Beach or Love Beach, where you can try your hand at windsurfing or even jet skiing. And thereís no shortage of good times in Kusadasi: weather thatís always on your side, a chilled, laid-back atmosphere and ancient sites on its doorstep.

In the city, itself, stroll around the Fortress of Kusadasi on Pigeon Island and discover city walls that protect historic gems such as the Fortress Mosque. But head out into the sun-soaked hills above the Aegean coast, and youíll come across some of the most important archaeological sites in Europe.


Rhodes, Greece gay bears cruise

Rhodes, Greece
Beaches, castles and butterflies Ė Rhodes is an island like no other. Approaching Rhodes island by sea is an experience all of its own. The clifftop Acropolis at Lindos rises slowly from the still blue waters, evoking the ancient Colossus which once adorned the harbor, and modern hillside villages lay in the shadow of the imposing medieval fortification.

Stepping off the cruise ship, an island of contrasts awaits; a tranquil paradise, rich with nature and layered with history. Wandering the Old Town, youíll feel the presence of the Crusaders who once walked the same cobbled streets. The ruins left behind by Byzantines, Romans and ancient Greeks will whisk you even further back in time.


Heraklion, Crete gay bears cruise

Heraklion (Crete), Greece
Sailing into Heraklion port, the intimidating walls of Koules Fortress emerge from the sea to guard the ancient treasures found within the city. Capital of Crete, Heraklion is brimming with landmarks, world-class museums, golden beaches and a stylish nightlife scene that shape a destination to please everyoneís taste.

Pedestrianized streets wind their way around the historic center connecting squares, ornate Ottoman fountains and arcaded walkways within the secure Venetian walls. Strolling along the picturesque harbor-front promenade, youíll spot traditional fishing boats coming and going, old vaulted shipyards in the distance as well as tavernas spilling out onto the seafront grilling freshly-caught fish and serving ice-cold drinks.

As the birthplace of Minoan civilization, Heraklion shows you the best of Crete history and culture. Exploring the Archaeological Museum, youíll lose track of time looking at exhibitions covering more than 5,000 years, and youíll soon uncover the cityís rich artistic heritage having given the world El Greco, poet Odysseas Elytis and novelist Nikos Kazantzakis.


Santorini, Greece gay bears cruise

Santorini, Greece
Cruising towards Santorini is like being swept away on a current to somewhere truly magical. You will its pull almost instantly. The island will greet you with its striking cliffs, promising adventure and legendary tales. The almost vertical towns of whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches will rise above the blue Aegean like an oasis of beauty and calm.

As you leave the comforts of the ship behind, youíll trade them for the unique indulgences of Santorini. A sense of serenity and mystery washes over you as you step off deck and make your way through the winding, narrow streets of Fira. Start your days chasing thrills at the top of a dormant volcano and end them with mojitos on cliffs overlooking sunsets that will stay with you for a lifetime.

While the island is most famous for its striking landscape, Santorini provides a feast for all senses: Feel the heat of the sun under your feet as you walk along the black sand of its volcanic beaches. Savor the flavors of local products by pairing one of the islandís most famous dishes, creamy Greek fava, with a bottle of locally-produced Vinsanto wine. Listen to the calls of the seagulls and the crashing waves create a perfect harmony with the traditional music of the island. There is no doubt, you will leave Santorini with your own Greek myth.


Milos, Greek Island gay bears cruise

Milos, Greece
Dramatically emerging from the Aegean Sea before you, youíll be spellbound by Milosí contrasting volcanic landscape thatís full of refreshing surprises. Its coastline reveals surreal shapes of sculpted rock that captivate viewers for hours, juxtaposed with quaint white stone fishing villages that blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Stepping off the cruise ship, a laid-back Cycladic island retreat awaits. Find peace and tranquility on one of the many beaches and feel the cooling, refreshing effect of the Aegean as you swim in its serene sea caves. Marvel at Cape Vaniís geological formations and travel along its ever-changing coastline to admire multi-colored sea cliffs at Paleochori and see evidence of how the islandís history was shaped by mining.

Arching its way around a central caldera, the islandís volcanic coastline spoils you for choice. Near Trypiti village, youíll be able to explore one of the most ancient monuments in Christianity - the Milos Catacombs, where expansive underground chambers and passages were carved into the volcanic rock. Or sit back and relax in one of Milosí quality terraced tavernas serving only the freshest catch of the day, discover colorful boathouses that magically emerge from the sea in Klima and stroll along Plakaís hilltop cobblestone streets.


Mykonos - Greek Isles gay bears cruise

Mykonos, Greece
The Greek Island, Mykonos, flaunts its double personality the moment you set eyes on its coastline. Basking in year-round sunshine, its rugged rocky landscape blends seamlessly with smooth sandy beaches. In the distance, undulating hills host the islandís iconic windmills turning in symphony with the seasonal winds that have branded Mykonos Ďisland of the windsí.

On appearance, traditional white-washed villages seem untouched by time, but delve deeper into their maze of cobbled streets and youíll find cosmopolitan bars, exclusive boutiques and gourmet restaurants. High-energy nightlife gives way to calming, picture-perfect beaches where itís easy to find your inner peace.

And travel back through the centuries at Mykonosí archaeological sites where youíll encounter the Sanctuary of Apollo and many other fascinating ancient relics that reveal the islandís varied past. Then explore traditional villages such as Ano Mera where the pure white walls of Panagia Tourliani monastery appear crafted from the landscape.


Bears Gay Greece Cruise


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Celestyal Crystal

Celestyal Crystal


Clicking on a the deck below will open deck plan in a separate window

Gross tonnage: 25,611 • Length: 162 m • Breadth: 25.6 m • Draught: 6.10 m • Cruising Speed: 18 knots • Passenger Capacity: 952 • Crew: 406

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Greek Islands & Turkey Gay Bears Cruise 2021 Rates
Category Description
Per Person
SB - Balcony Suite Celestyal Crystal Balcony Suite Balcony Suites at deck 7 (~36 sqm) can accommodate up to 3 person(s), with 2 lower beds and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and balcony. $ 2,349
SBJ - Junior Balcony Suite Celestyal Crystal Junior Balcony Suite Junior Balcony Suites at deck 6 and 7 (~15 sqm) can accommodate up to 3 person(s), with 2 lower beds and 1 sofa bed, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV, refrigerated mini bar and a balcony. $ 1,889
XD - Ocean View Stateroom Celestyal Crystal Oceanview Stateroom Exterior Staterooms at deck 6 and 7 (~15 sqm) can accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, 3rd/4th berth and/or sofa bed, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box, TV and a window. $ 1,729
IC - Interior Stateroom Celestyal Crystal Interior Stateroom Interior Staterooms at deck 6 and 7 (~12 sqm) can accommodate up to 4 person(s), with 2 lower beds, bathroom with shower, air condition, telephone, hair dryer, safety deposit box and TV. $ 1,519
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All prices are per person, occupancy selected, and include all meals, accommodations, unlimited beverage package, 3 selected shore excursions, gratuities, and entertainment!

A deposit of $550 per person is required at time of booking. Final payment is due 120 days prior to sailing.

Taxes of $250pp, and optional insurance are additional.

Single Share Traveling solo but don't mind sharing a cabin? Ask about our cabin share assistance program.

Third person in Suites only for an additional $1329.

Optional shore excursions will be offered.

Prices are cruise only and DO NOT INCLUDE return airfare! Please ask for airfare add-ons back to your home city.

Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Also included are the traditional BearCruise activities, subject to minimum participation.

Please ask for further details.

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