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OUTbound Gay Cruise
Greece Gay Cruise

Greek Isles & Cyprus
Luxury All-Gay Cruise 2021

November 01 – 07, 2021


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HappyGayTravel Vimeo ChannelGreek Isles & Cyprus Luxury All-Gay Cruise 2021

7 days from Athens, Greece to Larnaca, Cyprus

November 01 – 07, 2021
CroisiEurope Cruises La Belle de l'Adriatique

Greek Islands Gay CruiseWe’re headed OUTbound from Athens and the majesty of the Acropolis, sailing through the beauty of the Greek Isles before exploring the mysterious island of Cyprus, renowned since ancient times for its superb wines and natural beauty. Along the way, we’ll immerse ourselves in the wonder of Santorini and its whitewashed buildings with azure domes, explore the ancient Greek ruins of Rhodes, and overnight in gay Mykonos to experience its legendary nightlife. We’ll sail along the southern coast of Cyprus before arriving at our final destination of Larnaca, with its buzzy bars and world-renown Mackenzie Beach palm-lined waterfront promenade.


Santorini Greece gay cruise


Bucket List Moments

• Explore the ancient Parthenon of Athens

• Relax on the famous beaches of Mykonos

• Watch the sunset from the cliffs of Santorini

• Trace the steps of Templar Knights in Rhodes

• Stroll the waterfront promenade in Larnaca


Gay Greece cruise


All Included! All Inclusive!

• All Meals & Alcoholic Drinks Included

• All Shore Excursions Included

• All Tips & Gratuities Included


La Belle de l’Adriatique gay cruise


Your Ship - La Belle de l’Adriatique

The MV La Belle de l’Adriatique, completely renovated in 2017, is a unique ship that combines modern and state-of-the-art technology while still preserving its old world charm. As a coastal ship, the La Belle is capable of anchoring in ports inaccessible to other larger, ocean-going vessels. Enjoy the sensational landscapes we sail past from your lounge chair up on the Sun Deck, relaxing in one of the jacuzzis with friends and a drink, or even from the comfort of your own stateroom if you’re looking for a little quiet time to yourself.


Panoramic Lounge


Panoramic Lounge
The tastefully decorated Panoramic Lounge, located at the front of the ship, was named for the superb views of the passing coastlines that guests will enjoy courtesy of the oversized windows. Intimate seating areas are peppered throughout the open floor plan, allowing you the choice of going all-in with the group or enjoying a little private time between you and a smaller gathering of friends. Enjoy cocktails, dancing, games and nightly entertainment in this picturesque setting.


Main bar


Main Bar
Enjoy a cocktail at the main bar with us while watching a spectacular sunset together. Located within the Panoramic Lounge, you’ll find originality and innovation, with a new twist on the ol’ purveyors of gin and tonics and buckets of beer. This is the place where, time and again, you’ll spend an enjoyable evening nursing a cocktail with great friends, old and new! Whether you’re in the mood for a mixed drink or glass of wine, we invite you to join us and enjoy one of best bars at sea with your fellow OUTbounders. Who knows, you may even convince Deiler or Javier to jump behind the bar long enough to whip up one of their famous specialty drinks!


Piano Bar


Piano Bar
By day the Piano Bar is a place to get away, play a hand of cards with friends, read a book or just enjoy some “you” time away from the shenanigans up on the Sun Deck. As night falls, unwind with a cocktail in hand surrounded by friends. The piano sits in the middle of this cozy space, where OUTbounders can relax, hear about the day’s activities, learn about what’s coming next, and listen to the night’s special entertainment. The Piano Bar is the hot spot for late-night entertainment with jovial sing-alongs and sometimes nutty piano players dedicated to giving everyone a good time.




Located on the Main Deck, the restaurant comfortably seats all our OUTbounders at tables that vary in size with a panoramic view. The atmosphere is casual but elegant. The selection and presentation of the food are outstanding, and you’ll find the quality of service is unmatched. The food is incredible, every meal every day. You’ll enjoy plenty of fish, fruits and vegetables with every meal and be impressed by how fresh everything is. In fact, the only frozen item is ice cream! You’ll have plenty of healthy choices to choose from, and loads of unhealthy ones, too!




Terrace Hideaway
Located at the back of the ship, you can easily meet up with friends and relax while enjoying the view. This al fresco hideaway at the stern is the perfect casual spot for relaxing in the sunshine during the day if the Sun Deck is a little too social for your taste. Just grab your drink and enjoy the ocean views in this charming little oasis on the high seas.


Sun Deck


Sun Deck
The Sun Deck is much more than the place to soak in a jacuzzi, savor a cocktail or catch some rays. It’s also the perfect way to spend your afternoon enjoying a panoramic view of the magnificent landscapes. The Sun Deck is ringed by comfortable lounges with two large side-by-side whirlpools overlooking the bow of the ship. A gorgeous outdoor living area also has a huge canopy near the rooftop bar, perfect for OUTbounders who prefer a little shade mixed in with their fun in the sun. And you’re never far from a place to grab a drink with the fully stocked Sun Deck Bar.


Greek Isles gay cruise Drag brunch


Frequently Asked Questions

Athens Pre-Package
Arrivals: Getting to our host hotel, The Stanley Athens, from Athens International Airport (ATH)

By Taxi: Flat rates for taxis are set at €35 (day time) or €49 (night time), plus a toll of €4, from ATH to The Stanley Hotel. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

By Subway: The Metro departs from ATH every 30 minutes and costs €10 to The Stanley Hotel Athens. The journey takes about an hour, but there are no trains after 11:35pm local time. Follow the signs to cross the street from the arrivals terminal, go up one level via either elevator or escalator, and cross over the pedestrian bridge.
- Take the Blue Line from the airport
- Transfer at Syntagma metro station to the Red Line
- Take the Red Line from Syntagma station to Metaxourghio (4 stops – towards Anthoupoli)
- Exit the Metaxourghio station, walk 200ft southwest down Odisseos Street to the Stanley Hotel lobby

By Rideshare: Uber in Athens is used exclusively by the city’s yellow taxi cabs, and Lyft does not operate in Greece. Uber fares will typically be more expensive than using the taxi cue at the Athens airport (almost double the cost). The most popular rideshare program for private cars is BEAT.

Hotel Room Upgrades
The hotel rooms included with our package are the Stanley Superior. Upgrades to the Stanley Superior Acropolis View (+ $40 per night per person) or the Stanley Junior Suite (+ $95 per night per person) are available upon request.

Check Out
We will check out of the Stanley Hotel Athens after breakfast between 10:00am and 10:30am. Our luggage will be loaded onto our private tour buses as we begin our city tour, starting at the Parthenon. All entrance fees (including our skip-the-line passes) are included with your package. We will start with a walking tour of the Acropolis, followed by some free time and a guided tour of Athens. Our tour will end at the Piraeus Cruise Terminal at approximately 6:00pm, where we will board our ship.


Greece Athens gay cruise


Boarding Our Ship
Arrivals: Getting to the Piraeus Cruise Terminal from Athens International Airport (ATH)

By Taxi: Flat rates for taxis are set at €55 (day time) or €70 (night time), plus a toll of €4, from ATH to the Piraeus Cruise Terminal. Travel time is approximately 1 hour, depending on traffic.

By Subway: The Metro departs from ATH every 30 minutes and costs 10€ to Piraeus Cruise Terminal. The trip takes about an hour and a half, but there are no trains after 11:35pm local time. Follow the signs to cross the street from the arrivals terminal, go up one level via either elevator or escalator, and cross over the pedestrian bridge.
- Take the Blue Line from the airport
- Transfer at Monastiraki metro station to the Green Line
- Take the Green Line from Monastiraki station to Piraeus (7 stops – towards Piraeus)

By Rideshare: Uber in Athens is used exclusively by the city’s yellow taxi cabs, and Lyft does not operate in Greece. Uber fares will typically be more expensive than using the taxi cue at the Athens airport (almost double the cost). The most popular rideshare program for private cars is BEAT.

Boarding begins at 4:00pm local time. You are free to arrive at the ship at any time in the afternoon. In the event your stateroom is not ready, feel free to drop your bags at the reception desk, grab a drink from the bar and relax in the panoramic lounge or head up top to the sun deck to recover from your long travel day.

Guests participating in our Athens Pre-Package will be arriving at the ship after their city tour at about 6:00pm.


Gay Cyprus


Cyprus Flights
Since our cruise leaves from Athens and ends in Cyprus, we recommend booking round trip airfare to and from Athens, with a one-way ticket from Larnaca back to Athens at the end of our cruise. This is the most cost-effective option while also giving our guests the ability to extend their stay in Cyprus and do a little exploring on their own.

As you may have noticed, our ship actually arrives in Larnaca the night before we disembark, around 9:00pm on Saturday, November 6th. That lets our guests catch the very first flights out of Cyprus (airport code LCA) on Sunday back to Athens.

Larnaca airport is only about 10 minutes from the cruise terminal where we will be disembarking, plus it’s a Sunday morning… so getting to the airport won’t be an issue.


Athens gay cruise


Gay Athens

In ancient times, Greece was the center of all things gay. Greek mythology tells us that Zeus, King of the Gods, had taken Ganymede as a lover. In ancient Grecian times it was not uncommon for wealthy and affluent unmarried men to take male lovers. In modern times, Athens has become the ultimate haven for the LGBTQ+ community. Greeks from all over the country come to Athens to surround themselves with other open-minded people in the big city. Much of gay Athens is centered in Gazi. On weekends the gay venues are packed and the streets fill with LGBTQ+ people celebrating together. Just keep in mind that the clock starts late in Athens, and the partying doesn’t really start going until midnight!


Athens gay cruise holidays


Athens is deeply rooted in its history and is home to a tremendous amount of historical icons and artifacts. The Parthenon, Acropolis, Temple of Zeus, Roman Stadium, and the theater of Dionysus are all located in Athens, as is The National Archeological museum, which holds the single largest collection of Greek artifacts in the world.


Mykonos Greece gay cruise

Greek Isles & Cyprus
All-Gay Cruise 2021 Itinerary





 01 Nov Athens (Piraeus), Greece 5 PM Overnight
 02 Nov Athens (Piraeus), Greece   5 AM
 02 Nov Day at Sea!    
 02 Nov Mykonos, Greece 5 PM Overnight
 03 Nov Mykonos, Greece   Overnight
 04 Nov Mykonos, Greece   5 AM
 04 Nov Santorini, Greece 1 PM 7 PM
 05 Nov Rhodes, Greece 9 AM 3 PM
 06 Nov Day at Sea!    
 06 Nov Larnaca, Cyprus 9 PM Overnight
 07 Nov Larnaca, Cyprus   9 AM

Greek Isles gay cruise map


Athens, Greece gay cruise

Day 1 - Athens, Greece
Begin your OUTbound gay journey with us in ancient Athens, once the heart of the most powerful civilization on Earth. Tour the Hellenic Parliament, Syntagma (Constitution) Square, the Temple of Zeus and the iconic Acropolis. Explore the bustling Plaka District in the shadow of the Acropolis, a village within the city where you’ll discover the oldest and most authentic section of Athens.

Meet us in Athens, where you will have an entire day to discover this ancient city on your own. Venture back in time to explore the Temple of Zeus or the iconic Acropolis. Wander the narrow cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops selling jewelry, clothes and local crafts in the Plaka District, located in the shadow of the Acropolis. We’ll stay in port overnight, so you’ll have time to enjoy dinner in town at one of the many sidewalk cafés and family-run taverns that stay open until late, or join us back on the ship for our welcome aboard toast.


Greece gay cruise sea day

Day 2 - Day at Sea / Night in Mykonos
We’ll sail from Athens early this morning for an amazing full day cruising the Aegean Sea, laughing, loving, and connecting with our fellow OUTbounders. For most of us, this will be our first real vacation since the pandemic shutdown and international travel limitations were imposed, so shake off those quarantine cobwebs by soaking up the Mediterranean sun and simply basking in this day of celebration. We’ve needed it, and you’ve earned it. It’s time to sail away! Tonight we arrive in Mykonos!

Meet your hosts, mingle with your fellow OUTbounders, and enjoy the Mediterranean sun as the Greek Gods intended. Shake off those quarantine cobwebs and celebrate again! Tempting beaches, the Mediterranean climate, and legendary gay nightlife that goes from sunset to sunrise make Mykonos one of the world’s most infamous epicenters of gay culture, nightlife and hedonism.<


Mykonos gay cruise

Day 3 - Mykonos, Greece
We’re spending the entire day in Mykonos, a dream island and the gay capital of the Mediterranean. Have brunch in town or do a little shopping in the narrow streets before heading to the sunny beaches. Spend today relaxing on one of the main gay beaches like Super Paradise or Elia. We’re overnighting in Mykonos, so enjoy a cocktail at sunset with the gay crowd on the terrace of the Elysium Hotel.

In the afternoon, we'll set out on an excursion to the island of Mykonos. It sits tall among the Cyclades and is dotted with charming Mediterranean villages. It is also known for its idyllic, golden beaches leading to the pristine, turquoise waters. We’ll visit the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani, the official protector of the island. We'll return to Mykonos Town to take in the pure charm of the city, one of the biggest attractions after the beach.

Join us back on board for dinner, or find one of the trendy places to eat in town before kicking off a very long night! We don’t sail until the next morning, so make the most of your second full night in Mykonos, however you want! The next morning we’ll set sail for Santorini.


Santorini gay cruise

Day 4 - Santorini, Greece
With its steep cliffs and pristine white villages clinging to the mountainside, Santorini is an icon of the Mediterranean. Even if you’ve never been, you’ll immediately recognize the candy-colored houses, shimmering sapphire waters, and chalk-white buildings topped with cobalt-blue domes. Roam the peaceful black-sand beaches or wander the streets of a provincial village like Imerovigli. Beautiful Oia is world-famous for its sunsets, which seem to dial through a kaleidoscope of colors before fading to starlight.

This afternoon, join us for an excursion to the island of Santorini. Spend your time taking in the picturesque sites on the island, admiring the scenery from impressive vistas, or enjoying local delicacies at the Mediterranean cafés and restaurants. Our coach will bring us up to the monastery of Profitis Ilias, which offers full panoramic views of the island from the 18th century sanctuary. We'll then head one of the most striking villages on the island, Megalochori, to enjoy the ambiance of its historic mansions and old traditional houses. We'll stop off at a wine cellar for a tasting of the local spirits. The gorgeous village of Fira, perched on the edge of a high caldera that faces west across the sea, will be our last stop.


Rhodes gay cruise

Day 5 - Rhodes, Greece
Rhodes, the “Island of Knights”, prospered from the wealth brought here from the Holy Land by the Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem. Follow the Street of the Knights to the most imposing building in Rhodes: the Palace of the Grand Masters, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tour this fascinating building, which was first a castle, then a royal palace. Our ship will dock near the city’s historic quarter, allowing you to linger at your leisure. For the more adventurous OUTbounders, visit the Acropolis of Lindos. From high up on its rocky perch, you’ll have magnificent views of the whitewashed village and harbor below.

This morning we’ll visit ancient and medieval Rhodes. Our first stop will be Monte Smith and its splendid panoramic view of the island. We’ll pass through the impressive d’Amboise Gate on our way to the Palace of the Grand Master, an imposing fortress with relics from the medieval period. Our tour will continue on the Street of the Knights, completely restored, beautifully preserved, and lined by the buildings where holy warriors spent their time. Tonight we’ll begin our cruise to Cyprus.


Greek Islands gay cruise sea day

Day 6 - Day at Sea / Night in Cyprus
Spend your last full day together sailing across Aegean Sea, enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun and the joy of being together with your fellow OUTbounders. We’ll play pool games up on the Sun Deck, be entertained after dinner in the ship’s lounge, and host our farewell party well into the night.

Late tonight we’ll arrive at Cyprus, the largest island in the Eastern Mediterranean.


Larnaca, Cyprus gay cruise

Day 7 - Larnaca, Cyprus
Enjoy a final breakfast onboard before disembarking in Larnaca. Built on the ruins of ancient Citium, Larnaca is endowed with attractions such as Larnaka Castle, built by the Byzantine Empire in the late 12th century, and the Church of Saint Lazarus, built in the 9th century to honor Saint Lazarus who came to Cyprus after being resurrected by Jesus.

Larnaca’s waterfronts, scenic vistas, parks and beautiful beaches enhance its stunning coastline and leaves no doubt that Cyprus truly is ‘Aphrodite’s Island’. The picture-perfect weather is another treat for OUTbounders looking to extend their vacation and explore the popular bars and restaurants and get a feel of the local life and culture.


Athens gay tour

Optional Pre-Cruise Athens Adventure

October 29 - November 01, 2021
Welcome Toast, Halloween Party & City Tour

Friday Arrival Halloween Package
4 Days / 3 Nights - October 29 - November 01, 2021 - $750 per person (double occupancy)

Saturday Arrival Halloween Package
3 Days / 2 Nights - October 30 - November 01, 2021 - $600 per person (double occupancy)

Friday, October 29, 2021
Early Friday Arrival Option

Who wouldn’t want to get to Athens a little early and get a jump on the fun? For those OUTbounders who just can’t wait to start their vacation, we got you. Feel free to arrive at the Stanley Hotel Athens on Friday. Your reservation will be set for all three nights in the same room... no moving across the hall on Saturday when the rest of us arrive. Our early arrival option allows you to start enjoying your vacation right away, and take an extra day to get acclimated to the time change and shake off that jet lag.


Athens gay Halloween

Saturday, October 30, 2021
Welcome Cocktail & Halloween Party

Welcome to Athens, drenched in ancient history and the birthplace of western civilization. Once settled into your room at the Stanley Hotel Athens, join us up on the rooftop terrace for our welcome cocktail party overlooking the famed Acropolis and kick off our Greek Isles adventure! It’s Halloween in Athens, so let’s party like the Greek gods as we partner with the hottest gay club in the city to throw the biggest party of the night. Our theme is Gods and Monsters, so let your imagination run wild and show us what you got! Trick us. Treat us. Just be sure to join us for this one-of-a-kind night on the town in Athens.


Athens gay trip

Sunday, October 31, 2021
Explore Athens On Your Own

Athens is a trendy and charming mix of now and then where you’ll find an abundance of bars, restaurants and shops to visit. Explore the gayborhood of Gazi, just minutes from our host hotel around the crossroads of Lera Odos and Konstaninoupoleos Street. Drop in for a taste of Lesbos at Sapphos, a small bar run by a lesbian couple hailing from the famed island (yes... they’re use to the jokes!). Take time to check out Myrovolos, a popular hangout with great people and delicious pizza. After dark, head over to Aleco’s in the hip theatre neighborhood Psyrri, where you’ll also find quaint little shops and taverns and meet the locals.


Athens gay travel

Monday, November 01, 2021
Acropolis & Parthenon Tour

This morning we’ll check out of our hotel and take a tour of Athens. We’ll climb the steps of the Acropolis and visit the Dionysus Theatre and Nike Temple before reaching the Parthenon. We’ll continue on to Agora and see the temple of Hephaestus, the best preserved temple of ancient times. Along the way we’ll learn about the gay history of Ancient Greece, a time when Athens was the center of all things gay. We’ll hear the story of Zeus taking Ganymede as a lover and learn how it was common for wealthy and affluent unmarried men to take male lovers. We finish at the port of Piraeus where we’ll board our ship.


Still Want To See Athens?
Arriving on Monday but still want to see Athens? We’ve got you there, too.

Athens City Tour: For those OUTbounders arriving on Monday and transferring directly to the ship, we wanted to make sure you had the option of seeing as much of Athens as possible. We have arranged a special, abbreviated tour of the city. As our guests from the Athens Pre-Package arrive at our ship, OUTbounders who have just arrived in Athens can participate in a special night tour of the city. (3 hours) Price $75 per person


Stanley Hotel Athens

Athens Host Hotel

Stanley Hotel Athens

Our host Stanley Hotel Athens is ideally located in the center of the city, and just a 10 minute walk to Athens’ gay district of Gazi. The Stanley Hotel features a rooftop pool and open-air bar where we will host our welcome cocktail party overlooking the famed Acropolis. A daily breakfast buffet is included with our stay, as is access to the full size gym, sauna, massage treatments, two restaurants, complimentary WiFi and a 24-hour front desk. Huge all-night club events, trendy cocktail bars, and outrageous costume parties tempt those who are willing to go out and explore during Halloween weekend in Athens!


Stanley Hotel Athens rooftop

Located in the center of Athens, the Stanley Hotel was recently renovated to reflect Athens’ new design trends. Free WiFi is available in all areas. Each air-conditioned room offers a modern minimalistic design, guaranteeing a next level guest experience.

The expansive roof garden is located on the 9th floor and is a great place to dine on unique Mediterranean and international dishes paired with a glass from a curated list of fine wines. The rooftop bar is where we will be holding our welcome cocktail party, and it’s open day and night, specializing in refreshing fruit juices, exciting cocktails, excellent coffee, and tasty snacks. Pull up a stool at the large marble bar, and enjoy a drink with the Acropolis as your backdrop. The Fitness Center features a range of cardio machines, strength training equipment, free weights, massage facilities, and a multi-person sauna. Take your time to relax and unwind in the Swedish sauna after a full day exploring the city.


Gay Greek Islands cruise


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Aegean Airlines

La Belle de l’Adriatique

La Belle de l’Adriatique

La Belle de l’Adriatique deck plans

Length: 110 m • Width: 12.3 m • Guests: 197 • Renovated: 2017 • Decks: 5 • Guest Cabins: 99

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Greek Isles & Cyprus All-Gay Cruise 2021 Rates
Category Description
Upper Deck Stateroom Upper deck stateroom Staterooms located on the Upper Deck measure 155sqft and feature two large panoramic windows that let in the perfect amount of light, welcoming in the golden summer sunshine as we sail along the Dalmatian Coast. Enjoy a shower complete with indulgent toiletries before settling into your queen or twin hotel-style bed as you enjoy your flat-screen TV and infotainment system. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases. $ 3,497
Embarkation Deck Stateroom Embarkation deck stateroom Staterooms located on the Embarkation Deck all two full picture windows that provide unspoiled panoramic vistas of the Aegean Sea and breathtaking islands we’ll visit. Lay back in your 155sqft stateroom and watch a film on your flat-screen TV and infotainment system, or enjoy the space as you ponder an exciting day ahead. Your luxurious bathroom features a shower complete with decadent toiletries, perfect for unwinding after an unforgettable day OUTbound. Your queen-size bed can convert to two twin hotel-style beds, draped in high-quality linens. $ 3,197
Main Deck Stateroom Main deck stateroom Staterooms located on the Main Deck are 155sqft and have two large portholes that provide unspoiled views. Each Main Deck stateroom surrounds you with elegant décor and opulent, comfortable furnishings. Storage space includes a full-length wardrobe closet with room for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other, and there’s extra room under the bed for suitcases. The hotel-like queen-sized bed can be reconfigured into two twins if you prefer. $ 2,897
Lower Deck Stateroom Lower deck stateroom Your spacious 155sqft Lower Deck stateroom has two large portholes and offers everything you need throughout your cruise. There’s plenty of storage space with a wardrobe closet for hanging clothes on one side and shelves and a cabinet (with a safe) on the other. There’s extra room under the bed for shoes, suitcases and any souvenirs. When it’s time for bed, look forward to the exceptional comfort of your queen-size or twin hotel-style bed, complete with luxurious linens. Treat yourself to an indulgent shower with luxury toiletries and prepare for a great night’s sleep. $ 2,597
Quote or Reservation



The fares above are per person USD, based on double occupancy.

Port Charges & Gratuities of $249 per person are additional.

Single Travelers 100% single supplement applies.

Payment Option 1: (Quarterly Payments)
A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking. Subsequent payments will be scheduled quarterly in three additional equal installments of 25% each between the time of booking and the final installment, which is due 90-days prior to scheduled Vacation start date.

Payment Option 2: (Monthly Payments)
A 25% deposit is due at the time of booking. Subsequent payments will be scheduled in equal monthly installments between the time of booking and the final installment, which is due 90-days prior to the scheduled Vacation start date. The number of monthly payments will depend on how far in advance you have made your reservation.

Payment Option 3: (Pay In Full)
Pay for their reservation in full at the time of booking and you’re done! Unless you later make a change to your reservation, no further payments are necessary.

iamConfident Booking
Guests will be permitted to cancel and rebook their confirmed reservation any time prior to 60-days from the departure date on another OUTbound Vacation without penalty, departing within 2 years (24 months) of the initial departure date of the originally scheduled trip.

Cancelation Penalties (% of total) days before scheduled Vacation start date:
10% – 300 or More Days Prior to Event Start Date
20% – From 299 to 240 Days Prior to Event Start Date
40% – From 239 to 180 Days Prior to Event Start Date
60% – From 179 to 120 Days Prior to Event Start Date
80% – From 119 to 90 Days Prior to Event Start Date
100% – 89 or Fewer Days Prior to Event Start Date


Special Airfares

Aegean Airlines


Pre-Cruise Hotels

Book Athens gay friendly hotels


> Book Athens, Greece hotels at Hotelopia


Post-Cruise Hotel

Cyprus hotels at Booking.com


Book Larnaca, Cyprus hotels at AlphaRooms


Cyprus gay hotels



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