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Out in Colombia Gay River Cruise 2025
LGBT Gay Group Cruise Colombia Gay River Cruise 2025

Out in Colombia!
LGBT River Cruise 2025

August 13 – 20, 2025


AmaWaterways gay river cruise

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Out in Colombia! Gay River Cruise 2025

7 nights from Cartagena to Barranquilla, Colombia

August 13 – 20, 2025
AmaWaterways AmaMagdalena

Gay Colombia CruiseWelcome to an unforgettable journey through the heart of Colombia! Join us on LGBT full-ship charter aboard AmaWaterway’s AmaMagdalena, a brand-new river cruise destination in the stunning landscapes of Colombia. From August 13 to 20, 2025, embark on an exclusive adventure with only 30 staterooms available, featuring pre and post trips in the vibrant cities of Cartagena and Medellin.

Book your spot now for an intimate and enchanting all-LGBTQ exploration of Colombia's Magdalena River aboard AmaWaterways! Don't miss this unique opportunity to embrace the soul of the river and the heartwarming people who call it home.


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Traditional Music Colombia


AmaMagdalena Highlights

Spacious Staterooms:
7-night river cruise in elegantly appointed twin balcony stateroom with Entertainment-On-Demand.

Complimentary Wellness Program, Cruise Managers, nightly entertainment, high-quality Wi-Fi, sun-deck pool, fitness room, and more.

Award-Winning Dining:
Fine dining on board, special dinner on shore, complimentary beverages, and a variety of excursions.

World of Exploration:
Immersive excursions in every destination with an exclusive year-round Carnaval Celebration in Barranquilla.


Cartagena gay cruise


Marvels of the Magdalena River

Vibrant Colombia invites to you to explore the vast history, culture and towns that bring it to life. Native culture and Spanish influences woven together through the course of history can still be witnessed along the Magdalena River.

Cartagena became a major port during the Spanish conquest, funded by the Spanish crown, which led to many pirate raids on the city. To protect against these raids, the Spanish royalty ordered the construction of stone walls around Cartagena, which can still be seen today. This fortification is the reason Cartagena is also called la ciudad amurallada —“the walled city.”


Magdalena Mompox Colombia gay cruise


Because of the fear of attacks from pirates, many Spaniards felt they needed to have a safe place to keep their gold – and the town of Mompox served that purpose. With so much gold housed here, some of it was used to craft beautiful artifacts to celebrate religious ceremonies in the newly evangelized communities. Soon, gold- and silversmiths began to flock to this destination from Spain, and the delicate and detailed style of craftsmanship they brought with them has been preserved through the years. Today, you can visit this colonial town and purchase fine filigree jewelry for which Mompox has become renowned.


Palenque gay cruise


Palenque has the unique honor of being the first “free town” in the Americas. The Spaniards and the former slaves agreed on a Capitulation of Peace in 1603 and, in 1713, the Spanish crown issued a Royal Decree that officially freed the people of Palenque from slavery. With the autonomy this afforded, this vibrant town was able to continue its unique traditions and preserve its culture, which UNESCO officially recognized when they declared Palenque a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2005.


Colombia hummingbird


A Bird Watching Paradise
With around 1,930 species of birds in Colombia (more than the number of species found in the United States and Canada combined!), these feathered friends are vital to the river’s ecological system, and guests may see many rare or unique species while enjoying our special Colombia itinerary.

One such bird is the cianeguo hummingbird. Also known as the sapphire-bellied hummingbird, this colorful, tiny creature is found only in the mangroves of Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta and the arid scrublands directly beside it. Considered an endangered species, this blue and green bird is believed to have a decreasing population of between 285 to 440 mature adults, so to see it in its natural habitat is a unique delight.


Colombia food


Taste Local Delicacies
The Magdalena River brings you to many wonderful destinations that are filled with delicious local treats that you can try. In Mompox, taste capa cheese, a mild cheese widely enjoyed in this beautiful town. Butifarra, a savory sausage essential to many Colombian cuisines, and chorizo, a spicy sausage made of pork flavored with seasonings such as smoked paprika and garlic, are also delicious dishes offered here. This destination is also known for its wonderful desserts made with lemons and pineapples, which are grown throughout the country.


Palenque Colombia gay cruise


In Palenque, the city’s famous palenqueras – women who sell goods with vast baskets of traditional treats and tropical fruit balanced on their heads – offer a variety of delicious goods along the colonial streets. At their market stalls, enjoy irresistible sweets such as coconut cake, tamarind balls (made with tamarind fruit and spices), sugared papaya, traditional cheeses and more.

Another meal you can enjoy during your Colombian journey is posta negra cartagenera, a mouthwatering dish that began in Cartagena. After marinating the meat in a variety of herbs, onions, and garlic, it is traditionally seared with its fat and butter, blending the savory flavors together. Once the meat is cooked, the dish is served with a delightful sauce, perfectly blending a spectrum of incredible flavors into one celebrated meal.


AmaMagdalena Colombia gay cruise


Your Ship - Brand New AmaMagdalena

Step aboard a world of unparalleled experiences and be warmly welcomed aboard our stunning new AmaMagdalena, an intimate 60-passenger river cruise ship offering the luxury of space and sweeping views as you cruise Colombia’s Magdalena River.


AmaMagdalena pool


This beautiful ship features a rejuvenating whirlpool on the Sun Deck, a spacious fitness room, a Main Restaurant serving exquisite, regionally inspired Latin American cuisine and Western favorites. Plus, you will rest your eyes each night in your amenity-filled stateroom, each featuring an outside balcony, from which you will wake up to a new view each day in one of Colombia’s fascinating destinations.


Magdalena Colombia gay cruise

Out in Colombia!
Gay River Cruise 2025 Itinerary





 13 Aug Cartagena, Colombia    PM
 14 Aug Gambote / Palenque / Calamar    
 15 Aug Santa Barbara de Pinto / Mompox    
 16 Aug Mompox    
 17 Aug Mompox / El Banco    
 18 Aug Magangue    
 19 Aug Nueva Venecia / Barranquilla    
 20 Aug Barranquilla, Colombia AM  
Colombia gay cruise map


Ports and excursions are subject to change - please refer to your final travel documents for the most up-to-date information.


Gay Cartagena cruise

Day 1 - Cartagena, Colombia

Embarkation. Getsemaní Tour. Sundown Cruise.
Arrive in Cartagena, the beautiful capital of the Bolivar region located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. After settling into your stateroom, enjoy a tour through the breathtaking Getsemaní neighborhood. With the vibrant colors of the homes and street art as well as the mouthwatering local delicacies that can be found throughout the area, this historic neighborhood will delight all your senses. Upon returning to your ship, embark on your journey along the magical Magdalena River.


Colombia gay cruise - Palenque

Day 2 - Gambote / Palenque / Calamar

Drum Rhythms and Freedom. Historic Tour by Paola
In the morning, experience the town of Palenque, the first “free town” in the Americas. Founded by those who fled a life of slavery during colonial times, the spirit and appearance of this town has been preserved through time. In 1713, the Spanish crown issued a Royal Decree that officially freed the people of Palenque from slavery. Immerse yourself in the town’s deeply rooted culture and traditions, which are so distinct that UNESCO declared Palenque to be a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. An important piece of their heritage is the music and rhythmic style that was developed in this city, which you will enjoy during a special performance by local musicians.
Later in the day, visit Calamar. Located at the entrance of the Canal del Dique, this town was first settled in 1840. Witness historic sites such as the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Conception as you tour this beautiful destination by paola (a bicycle taxi for two).


Colombia gay cruise - Santa Barbara de Pinto

Day 3 - Santa Barbara de Pinto / Mompox

Santa Barbara de Pinto Walking tour. Exclusive Jazz Street Performance
Spend your morning in Santa Barbara de Pinto, located on the banks of the Mompox arm of the Magdalena River. Enjoy a walking tour through this traditional town, where you may see local landmarks such as the Santa Barbara Church and enjoy intricate hand-made crafts created in the town. In the afternoon, arrive at the island town of Mompox, where you will be welcomed with open arms and lively music during an exclusive jazz performance played by local musicians.


Colombia gay cruise - Mompox

Day 4 - Mompox

Cienága Pijiño exploration. Historic Walking Tour
A town frozen in time, Mompox embodies the appearance of what many villages looked like during colonial times. Founded in 1540, this remote village became an important Spanish trading post. Some Spaniards found Mompox to be a haven for keeping gold and other treasure protected from the pirates that pillaged coastal cities like Cartagena, and with this precious metal and the work of skilled artisans from Spain came beautifully crafted artifacts. Since then, the town has become famous for its incredible filigree jewelry, which you can learn more about during your tour of this town in the afternoon. While visiting the largest inland island in Latin America, journey through the incredible ecological Ciénaga Pijiño region, exploring the massive lake that is home to a variety of flora and fauna native to the region. In the afternoon, take a stroll through this storied town on a guided walking tour. With stunning colonial churches, breathtaking nature surrounding the town, and delicious local delights such as capa cheese and butifarra, Mompox is sure to be a highlight of your journey along the magnificent Magdalena River.


Magdalena gay cruise - El Banco

Day 5 - Mompox / El Banco

Scenic Cruising through the La Mojana Region. Walking tour. Shoreside Dinner and Exclusive Cumbia Performance
Bid farewell to Mompox before embarking on a scenic cruise down one of the most breathtaking stretches of the Magdalena River – a picturesque part of the La Mojana region – and reaching the town of El Banco, nestled at the intersection of the Magdalena and César rivers. Founded in a strategic location for both the native people and the Spaniards, the town was repeatedly destroyed in their struggles and then rebuilt atop its ashes. In 1749, a freed black slave named José Domingo Ortiz led a group of settlers to this special location, carrying with him a statue of the Virgin Mary, staking this place as their new home. Because of this connection, the Virgin of Candelaria — a special invocation of the Virgin Mary — is specially venerated in this region.
Embark on a guided walking tour of this incredible destination and learn more about its history as the birthplace of cumbia, an iconic genre of music and dance that has now been popularized around the world. What began as a courtship dance practiced by African slaves later incorporated American steps and European and African instruments has become a worldwide sensation, which is especially popular in the Andean region of Colombia.
In the evening, enjoy an exclusive dinner in town and witness an incredible cumbia performance by locals.


Magangue, Colombia gay cruise

Day 6 - Magangue

Birdwatching tour OR Cienága hike. Scenic Cruising from Magangue to Nueva Venecia
Witness the sights, hear the bird calls, and watch the wildlife around you as spend the day docked near Magangue. Immerse yourself in the presence of Colombian nature surrounding this city on a birdwatching tour, giving you a unique opportunity to see birds only found in this specific part of the country. You can also take a hiking tour through the picturesque cienága, teeming with Colombian wildlife.


Colombia gay cruise - Nueva Venecia

Day 7 - Nueva Venecia / Barranquilla

Stilt-House Village Tour. Exclusive “Carnaval” Celebration.
In the morning, visit the Floating Village of Nueva Venecia. A charming town filled with inviting locals, Nueva Venecia, or “New Venice,” can only be navigated by boat. With its beautiful colonial houses, vivid architecture and local sanctuary protecting the native flora and fauna, this town highlights the beauty and warmth of Colombia. Witness its splendor as you tour the village. While here, explore this village and learn more about the lives of its people during a guided tour. Enjoy the traditional crafts and art that is on display, learn about the techniques the fishermen of Nueva Venecia use, and taste the local delicacies as you embrace this village and its unique culture.
Later in the day, venture to the beautiful seaside city of Barranquilla, a vibrant destination home to notable musicians, writers and artists. Immerse yourself in the warmth and culture of the city’s atmosphere as you venture through this magnificent location, where you may visit famous landmarks such as the bocas de cenizas, the point at which the magical Magdalena River meets the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, and the “Carnaval” Museum, which showcases the unique history of this incredible festival. In the evening, enjoy an exclusive “Carnaval” celebration just for AmaWaterways guests as we bring the full traditional experience to our guests all-year round.


Barranquilla, Colombia gay cruise

Day 8 - Barranquilla, Colombia

Bid your ship and crew farewell as you disembark and prepare for your flight home.


Magdalena river gay cruise


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AmaMagdalena Deck Plans


Length: 223 ft • Width: 43 ft • Passengers: 60 • Staterooms: 30 • Built: 2024

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Out in Colombia! Gay Cruise 2025 Rates
Category Description
Per Person
Grand Suite AmaMagdalena Grand Suite Salsa Deck, French Balcony. 516 sq. ft. $ 6,999
Luxury Suite AmaMagdalena Luxury Suite Cumbia Deck, French Balcony, 306 sq. ft. $ 6,499
Category A Victoria Suite Cumbia Deck, French Balcony, 237 sq. ft. $ 5,799
Category B Victoria Suite Salsa Deck, French Balcony, 237 sq. ft. $ 5,499
Category C Victoria Suite Salsa Deck, French Balcony, 237 sq. ft. $ 4,799
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All prices are per person, based on double occupancy in $ USD.

Taxes & charges of $210pp, Gratuities, and optional insurance are additional.

Deposit of $1,000 per person required at time of booking. Final payment is due by April 1, 2025.

Single Travelers Single supplement of $3,000 applies to single occupancy bookings in staterooms A through C. Suites, 100% single supplement applies.

Prices are cruise only and DO NOT INCLUDE return airfare! Please ask for airfare add-ons back to your home city.

Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Please ask for further details.


Special Airfares

LATAM Airlines


Pre-Cruise Hotels

Movich Hotels Cartagena


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Post-Cruise Hotel

Barranquilla, Colombia Hotel reservations at Hotels.com


Marriott Hotels Barranquilla, Colombia


All Accor Live Limitless Hotels




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