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Cruise Tips & FAQ's

What should I bring on my cruise ?
Some people travel light and some have a caravan full of luggage. Whatever your style you may want to bring some of the things below:

Air Freshener
We will take care of the stinky things first. You will be rooming in close quarters with your cabin mate and its nice to be a little considerate in the bathroom and bring a can of air freshener.

Lube and Rubbers
Bring plenty of these. If the ship happens to sell them, they will be sold out in no time. I have had several guys approach me asking if I had any to sell. Hmm, a business opportunity.

Your sharing your room with a friend and he is asleep in your cabin. The guy you like has a roommate busy in his cabin. Its too dangerous to risk finding a public place. Well there is one private place, the bathroom in your cabin. But those bright florescent lights, didn't anyone think of installing a dimmer switch? That's where the candle comes in, but make sure it is self contained in it's own glass holder and not one of those you use in a candelabra, you don't want to set the ship on fire.

You must bring a valid government issued picture ID to board and re-board the ship. Also you may need a passport depending what country your going to and what nationality you are. With the new security regulations, a passport is being required to even Mexico and Canada for US citizens.  So just bring the passport too.

If your going to bring a prescription drug make sure you bring the prescription label as well. Usually this will be on the bottle but some tubes and things come in a box and the box has the prescription label not the tube.

Yes, you would think they would supply shampoo but some ships don't. The shampoo sells out rather quickly on those ships that don't provide it so better bring some with you.


What should I not bring on my cruise ?
Illegal drugs are prohibited on board. Also depending on what port your returning to, poppers may also be illegal. Now I don't want to spoil your party but the custom officials could search you so make sure you don't have any left when re-entering the country.

Will I get seasick ?
No one can answer that question so be prepared and some have suggested this routine. I would suggest obtaining a seasick patch. Put it on when you get on board. After a day try removing it and see how you feel. If you start to feel funny put another one on. You can also get sea sick pills. Some of the brand names are dramamine, dimenhydrinate and avail. People have told me they like the patch best. Even though these are over the counter medications, always check with your doctor before using medications, especially if you are already taking other medications.

Can I bring alcohol on board ?
Most cruise ships will not allow you to bring alcohol on board. They want you to buy their booze.

Can I reserve a cabin for 2 people and add a 3rd later?
Usually yes, but check first. However the cabin you have reserved must be able to accommodate 3 people. If it does there may be a small fee around $25 to add the 3rd person. If your room is not designed for more than 2 you will have to reserve another room.

How much luggage can I bring and how is it handled ?
Here is no set rule on the amount of luggage, but to be safe be reasonable. Remember you will have to keep those bags in your room somewhere or have them checked after you unpack. Bag handling works just like the airlines. You can carry on small bags and you check the rest. At the curb there are people that will take your bags and then deliver them to your room. You will probably be sent luggage tags in your document kit. Be sure to put your name and room number on them.

What clothes should I bring ?
A fashion designer I am not. Bring clothes what you feel comfortable.

Is transportation provided to and from the ship ?
Transfers are often available to and from the airport to the ship at an extra charge. Sometimes they are also available from certain hotels. A discount with a shuttle service may be provided as well. Check with us on availability of transfers.

When should I board the ship ?
You should leave yourself plenty of time to board the ship. Just like the airlines you will go through a security check. We suggest getting to the ship early and spending the day lounging around or touring the ship. Lunch is usually provided for early arriving guests. The earliest time to board will be posted in your boarding documents.

What if the cruise is full ?
What is a waitlist ?

If the cruise is full you can be put on a wait list. When a particular category of room or cabin, or an entire event is sold out, you can be put on a waitlist. Here's how it works: Undoubtedly, some guests will have to cancel. When they do cancel, the cruise operator looks at the waitlist and contacts the travel agent of the next person on the list. The list is actually several lists of cabin/room categories. You'll have an even better chance of getting a room on a sold out event or category if you are willing to waitlist for more than one category.
When the cabin category you want is "sold-out," you have two types of waitlist choices. 1) You book a lower or higher priced cabin category and add your name to the waitlist for the categories that you prefer. In this case, you are responsible for deposits and cancellation fees per the reservation form. You should only choose this option when you are sure that they are okay with the category if nothing else becomes available. 2) For option two you do NOT book a cabin at this time, but simply add your name to the wait lists of the cabin categories you want. Of course, option two does not guarantee space will be available for you. If you choose this second option you will still need to complete an reservation form and send it to us. You will not be booked or charged until the space becomes available and you accept the booking. The waitlist system DOES WORK.

The best type of bags to bring ?
Lets talk style and luggage. If you are going to cab it all over the World then the type and number of bags is less relevant. However if your on the economy plan or just want to get around more easily here is what you can do. First rule is don't take any bags that don't have wheels. If you want to take a small carry on or other type of bag without wheels, make sure it will fit into one of the bags with wheels. I take 2 bags. The first is a large Samsonite hard body bag with 4 wheels. The most important part of this bag is that it has 4 not just 2 wheels. On 2 wheel bags a lot of the weight is put on your arm, which also puts strain on your shoulder.


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