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• After making your reservation, within 7 days a 50% down payment of the total amount is required to finalize the booking.

• The total amount of the trip needs to be paid no later than 8 weeks before the departure date.


Insurances & Liability

• Saltyboys requires that you have a valid medical and travel risk/accident insurance policy. Make sure to check if it covers medical/ambulance/helicopter costs when you are out at sea.

• Saltyboys advises customers to buy a trip cancelation insurance, in case of possible unexpected circumstances before departure.

• Sailing with Saltyboys is not a dangerous pursuit. Nevertheless there is always some risk involved in sailing on the water. The circumstances on the water and the local weather situation are not always easy to predict and vary during a trip. A high wave, an unexpected movement, walking on a moving deck, can all be possible causes of accidents or personal injuries. Saltyboys does not accept any liability for these risks, which we assume are well understood by all participants. Nor do we accept liability for the loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, including cash. Individuals are responsible for their personal safety and for the safety of their belongings.

• As a result of 9/11, insurance coverage has become difficult to obtain. A small company like Saltyboys, operating in diverse international locations can not obtain adequate insurance. Therefore, Saltyboys must make it very clear that we can not accept liability for any risk, whatsoever, in connection to the trips or other activities that Saltyboys offers. Nor can we accept liability for any activities that are connected with our trips. All clients of Saltyboys need to be aware of this and acquire their own insurance.


Changes & Cancellation

• Canceling a Saltyboys trip is possible. The cost of a cancelation is the down payment you made, if you cancel earlier than eight weeks prior to departure. If you cancel within eight weeks of the departure date, the cost will be the total amount of the trip.

• Saltyboys holds the person who placed the order (confirmed the trip) with Saltyboys responsible for payment and for notifying Saltyboys of any changes. This also applies to the person if he/she has placed an order for other persons.

• The prices mentioned on our website or in Saltyboys promotion materials are not binding. Unexpected price changes in the charter and airline industry or exchange rates can result in an adjustment of the actual price.

• In case it is necessary for Saltyboys to cancel a trip, Saltyboys will do it's best to find a mutually acceptable alternative Saltyboys Sailing Cruise or fully refund any money that has already been paid to Saltyboys, less reasonable expenses incurred by Saltyboys in relation to the booking.

• It is recommended to check with us if the sailing cruise has enough participants and is therefor confirmed before booking flights and making final travel arrangements.

• When weather conditions and/or Port Authorities do not allow a safe sailing, the skipper can decide to wait for weather improvement at all times. This does not entitle you to claim a partial or full refund of the travel sum and/or other costs made. The skipper will in that case provide drinks, a card-game and ideas for on-land activities.



• In applying to participate in a Saltyboys trip, you acknowledge that you are entering into a contract with Saltyboys and that any dispute or legal action arising out of the contract or subsequent trip will be arbitrated or handled in Dutch courts.

• A Saltyboys skipper has complete authority over the ship and those on board. The skipper has the right to change the plans or itinerary due to weather or other circumstances at any time. For safety and security reasons, customers on board a Saltyboys yacht must follow the orders of the skipper at all times.

• The skipper reserves the right to put guest(s) ashore if their behaviour disturbs the other guests and/or crew at all times. Consequences and costs of this action are under complete responsibility of the guest(s) involved.

• Repair and/or replacement costs of any damage to the yacht or its inventory due to imprudent or irresponsible behaviour of a participant will have to be fully paid by the participant(s) involved.


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