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Antarctic Solar Eclipse
Luxe Gay Adventure Cruise

November 28 – December 10, 2021


Atlas Ocean Voyages

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Ship Facts

Occupancy: 200

Crew: 125

Tonnage: 9,300

Length: 413 feet (126 m)

Beam: 62 feet (19 m)

Decks: 8

Cruise Speed: 16 knots

Year Built: 2021



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Happy Gay Travel YouTube ChannelAntarctica Solar Eclipse Luxe Gay Adventure Cruise 2021

12 nights cruise from/to Ushuaia, Argentina

November 28 – December 10, 2021
Atlas Ocean Voyages World Navigator

Antarctica Gay Adventure CruiseExperience a Wondrous Cosmic Event on the 7th Continent! As if Antarctica wasn’t special enough, on this unforgettable luxury gay group expedition you’ll experience the magic of a rare Total Solar Eclipse. The extraordinary Eclipse, set for December 4, 2021, will be like no other – as it will only be seen in Antarctica, turning an already-awe-inspiring Antarctic expedition cruise into a mind-blowing, truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Get up close and personal with the prolific seabirds, seals and whales of the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands. These long days of austral summer give you ample time to gear up and kayak or paddleboard these glass-like waters as they reflect the ice-blue sky back at you. And raise a glass as you become an honorary “Red Nose,” a sobriquet for the rare few who have crossed the Antarctic Circle.

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Antarctica luxury gay cruise


The words you have heard to describe this vast continent aren’t enough. Antarctica is an experience. Only those who have been, and dared to take the icy-plunge into these remote waters can add their names to a century of exploration where few have gone. It’s time to check the last continent off your list, and prove to all that in these frozen waters filled with prey, we are hunters, and adventure is what we seek.


Gay Antarctica adventure cruise


Wildlife-filled and Stunning Landscapes

There’s no better place to witness solar totality than in the rarefied setting of Antarctica. Imagine being surrounded by brilliant light one minute, then complete blackout the next, before enjoying the mysterious shadow-play as we wind back to the blinding white of Antarctica. The expert naturalist team and guest speakers, will provide insight and background on eclipses and other astronomical features.


Antarctica gay cruise whale


On this ultimate Antarctica expedition voyage, you’ll be accompanied by the ship’s expert team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac watercraft for daily excursions ashore to experience Antarctica’s beauty and wildlife up close. Discover rare yet abundant wildlife on a voyage timed with the peak of the austral summer, explore the Antarctica Peninsula with action-packed daily expeditions. Observe incredible wildlife throughout the vast Southern Ocean and Antarctic Peninsula, from humpback whales to colonies of penguins and seals.


Gay Antarctica cruise


The unspoiled wonders of the White Continent are filled with sparkling turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, awe-inspiring whales and icebergs of a every size shaped like fantastical art sculptures.


World Navigator Antarctica gay cruise


A Luxe-Adventure Aboard the Brand-New World Navigator

We are proud to partner with Atlas Ocean Voyages to bring a group aboard for this extraordinary voyage. The World Navigator was conceived with the sensibilities of an explorer – one who believes the world is the best experienced up close while leaving the destination untouched.

This 200 passenger luxury vessel launches in June of 2021 and is All-Inclusive All the Way with Roundtrip airfare, Top-Shelf beverages, Zodiac expeditions, Prepaid gratuities, and more are all included.


World Navigator gay cruise


Welcome to your natural habitat. Every deck is designed to bring the outdoors inside so that you are almost never without a transcendent view.

Meanwhile, World Navigator also features luxe accommodations, contemporary and airy design, as well as thoughtfully selected amenities, entertainment, restaurants, and bars.


World Navigator deck view


Select from ten suite and stateroom categories that all feature livable space and comforts.

Feel the sun on your face, because every accommodation has an ocean view, with most providing the enhanced experience of ocean breezes and full-moon views from a full walk-out or Juliet balcony.


World Navigator lounge


Watch for wildlife from the water's Edge Lookout or the glass-domed Observation Lounge. The views are just a jumpstart.

Borrow the ship’s complimentary kayaks, camping gear, stand-up paddleboards, bikes, and other equipment and get even closer to nature onshore.


World Navigator bar


We know that relaxation is personal, so you’ll discover assorted ways to unwind onboard.

The library is stocked with a large collection of fiction, non-fiction, and periodicals, as well as games. Swim laps or just chill in the outdoor heated pool, with two spa hot tubs.

Exercise in the ocean air as you jog along the track, or keep your wellness routine going at the gym, personal trainers, yoga, and Pilates.


World Navigator observation lounge


SeaSpa by L’Occitane is as extraordinary as the name suggests. The first L’Occitane spa on water beckons you with a full menu of soothing and invigorating services featuring the brand’s renowned natural ingredients and Mediterranean art-de-Vivre.

While the scent of lavender still lingers on your skin, you might be off to another onboard discovery.


World Navigator restaurant


Every meal is a marvel when the chefs bring world-class credentials, and fresh, local ingredients to the table. Enjoy our all-inclusive restaurants, indulge as you desire, from your morning camembert to filet mignon to midnight cookies and milk.

Relive the day’s adventures with new friends at the ship’s intimate bars and lounges. Enjoy the selection of included liquors and fine wines, as well as classic and creative cocktails while you post photos and double-tap each moment.


World Navigator accommodation


There’s always something special about the atmosphere on Atlas Ocean Voyages because you’re sharing this unique journey with like-minded modern explorers, starting friendships at the pool, attending fascinating seminars, or enjoying live music over craft cocktails.

Sometimes, it’s when you’re farthest away that you feel most at home.


Gay Antarctica


Included in this Journey

• Cruise Fare includes free Intercontinental round trip airfare from selected U.S airports. Business-class for suites and Economy class for staterooms

• Each stateroom will receive a $200 Shipboard credit

• Luxe Accommodations

• All meals and snacks

• Round-the-clock beer, wine, and top-shelf spirits, plus all non-alcoholic beverages including filtered water

• Coffee/Tea Machines in all accommodations

• Butler Service for Suites

• All excursions and lectures

• Gratuities

• L’Occitane bath amenities

• Standard Wi-Fi


Antarctica gay cruise emperor penguins

Antarctic Solar Eclipce
Luxe Gay Adventure Cruise 2021





 28 Nov Ushuaia, Argentina    6 PM
 29 Nov Drake Passage Navigation    
 30 Nov Drake Passage Navigation    
 01 Dec South Shetland Islands, Antarctica 6 AM 6 PM
 02 Dec Antarctic Peninsula - Captain’s Choice    
 03 Dec Cruising the Scotia Sea    
 04 Dec Total Eclipse    
 05 Dec Gold Harbour, S. Georgia & Sandwich Island 2 PM 6 PM
 06 Dec South Georgia and Sandwich Islands 7 AM 6 PM
 07 Dec South Georgia and Sandwich Islands 6 AM 11 AM
 08 Dec Cruising the Scotia Sea    
 09 Dec Drake Passage Navigation    
 10 Dec Ushuaia, Argentina 8 AM  

Antarctica gay cruise map


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Antarctica gay cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina

Days 1 & 13 - Ushuaia, Argentina
The snow-capped Martial Mountains behind a sprawling city of colorful building create the backdrop of Ushuaia, Argentina. A mix of historic buildings and rugged nature adventures make this city perfect for the curious explorer who wants to go beyond the surface.
Don’t let the nickname “End of the World” fool you. Although it lies on the southernmost tip of South America among the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Ushuaia is far from the end of any adventure. Where the Andes meet the Beagle Channel lies a lively town ready and waiting to take you on the thrill of a lifetime.
Get a feel for local life by taking a stroll along with Avenida San Martin. Ushuaia’s main street provides the look and feel of a quaint town with shops, restaurants, and a church, indicating the bustle of everyday life that takes place there.


Antarctica gay cruise - Drake Passage

Day 2 - Drake Passage Navigation
Navigating the intrepid Drake Passage is made for the boldest of explores. Petrels and albatrosses that glide across the skies guide the way. To witness its awesome power makes the journey to Antarctica all the more triumphant.
The Drake Passage leads you from the southernmost region of the Americas to the Antarctic Peninsula, the northern point of the White Continent. As you emerge from the Drake Passage, the mammoth, icy peaks of the South Shetland Islands loom ahead, greeting you on your victorious landing. You have completed the rite of passage to explore the seventh continent.


Drake Passage Navigation

Day 3 - Drake Passage Navigation
Drake Passage Navigation The meeting of warm and cold waters creates an environment that attracts extraordinary wildlife, offering the chance to witness the likes of humpback whales and hourglass dolphins that accompany the voyage. While the waterway is famous for its challenging navigation, you may still get another side of the Drake Passage. On some occasions, the channel is calm and tranquil, making for a pleasant voyage.


Antarctica gay cruise - South Shetland Islands

Day 4 - South Shetland Islands
The South Shetland Islands are completely silent and serene. Natural wonders like the black and white effect of Deception Island and the tops of massive glaciers sitting atop the water’s surface inspire awe and admiration even from the most veteran explorers. Along the rugged cliffs of Brown Bluff, the exposed portion of a glacial volcano, you can hike to a backdrop of expanses of ice and ocean.
Dotted with Adelie penguins and leopard seals, the rocky shoreline provides a path to trek and explore the wildlife. The whimsical birds waddle about, inviting you to give in to your inner child and play along.


Antarctic Peninsula gay cruise

Day 5 - Antarctic Peninsula - Captain's Choice
From the remarkable blue coloring of the glaciers to leopard seals napping on ice floes, the Antarctic contains a multitude of wonders to behold. Cormorants soaring high above and orcas breaching the waters below surround you with a magnificent array of wildlife. As the captain brings you to a safe harbor, you can launch a kayak to skim atop calm and clear waters among small pieces of floating ice. Gently cruise along the world’s largest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife surrounded by spellbinding scenery. Its tranquility will surely captivate your imagination for years to come.
Captain’s Choice ports of call add to the sense of adventure and an element of surprise. Your ship’s master will sail around changing weather conditions as needed and take you to the best areas for wildlife viewing. Captain’s choice ports include Deception Island, Paulet Island, Brown Bluff, Neko Harbor, Paradise Bay, Cuverville Island, and Goudier Island.


Antarctica gay cruise - Scotia Sea

Day 6 - Cruising the Scotia Sea
Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.


Antarctica gay cruise Total Eclipse

Day 7 - Total Eclipse
Amid the backdrop of behemoth icebergs, there is still a grander sight to behold. Witness a total eclipse of the sun as you sail deep through the pack ice. In a serendipitous twist, this rare event passes through Antarctica during the continent’s summer season when waters are most navigable.


Antarctica gay cruise Gold Harbour

Day 8 - Gold Harbour, S. Georgia & Sandwich Island
South Georgia and the South Sandwich islands offer rugged mountain views amidst the Atlantic Ocean, part of the “Soctia Arc.” Remnants of a whaling vessel repair station amid whale bones make up haunting landscape of Grytivken. These lands contain the intrepid history of Antarctica and call out for you to explore and discover that it still holds more. Along South Georgia’s southern coast likes Haakon Bay, where the history of Shackleton’s marooned ship rescue comes to life among the gray stone shore and snowy peaks. Rocky cliffs stand tall amid the rugged landscape that challenges you to braze its trails and make your own history. Gazing up at these natural monoliths give you a sense of reverence.


Antarctica gay cruise penguin

Day 9 - South Georgia and Sandwich Islands
Among the South Sandwich Islands, you will find King and Gentoo penguin rookeries with an abundance of the loveable birds to take pictures with. As you traverse the dirt trails leading to the islands’ wildlife, you get up close and personal with Antarctica’s nature, creating a sense of awe and wonder.


Antarctica gay cruise Sandwich Islands

Day 10 - South Georgia and Sandwich Islands
Gold Harbor, the true jewel of South Georgia, is home to a great deal of wildlife. As you step into these lands, penguins and elephant seals make a raucous greeting that you cannot help to smile over. Lying at the foot of the Salvesen Mountains, Gold Harbor’s cliff-lined coast creates a backdrop perfect for that one-of-a-kind photo op. A spreading of green tussock grass in between completes the scene.


Antarctica gay group cruise

Day 11 - Cruising the Scotia Sea
Spend the day on the high seas pampering yourself at the spa or enjoying some time on deck. Mingle with your fellow explorers and swap stories of your exploits, making plans for new ones together once you get to shore.


Antarctica iceberg

Day 12 - Drake Passage Navigation
The Drake Passage offers the chance to witness the likes of humpback whales and hourglass dolphins that accompany the voyage. The soundtrack of the 48-hour journey through the Drake Passage includes the crash of the ocean against the ship and the cry of petrels, skuas, and gulls. While the waterway is famous for its challenging navigation, you may still get another side of the Drake Passage. On some occasions, the channel is calm and tranquil. That’s one of the more splendid characteristics of the Drake Passage – you never know what you will get.


Antarctica gay cruise


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World Navigator

World Navigator


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We help you select the best cabin according to your requirements
Clicking on a the deck below will open deck plan it in a separate window

Guests: 200 • Crew: 125 • Gross Tonnage: 9,300 • Length: 413 ft. (126 m) • Beam: 62 ft. (19 m) • Decks: 8 • Cruise Speed: 16 knots • Year Built: 2021

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Antarctic Solar Eclipse Luxe Gay Adventure Cruise 2021 Rates
Category Description
B2 - Veranda Stateroom World Navigator Veranda Stateroom Located: Deck 5 and 6. Occupancy: Up to 2 guests. Greet the day with mimosas on your private balcony and enjoy comfortable convenience. 270 sq. ft. of total living space; Private balcony with teak furnishings; Queen bed (convertible to two single beds); Elegant private bath featuring L’Occitane products, a walk-in glass shower with rain head, body jets and a handheld shower, and a wardrobe; Sitting area with sofa, vanity, flat-screen TV and state-of-the-art “infotainment” system $ 16,499
C1 - Adventure Stateroom World Navigator Adventure Stateroom Located: Deck 3. Occupancy: Up to 2 guests.These are the ideal accommodations when your priorities are comfort, convenience and, of course, a brilliant ocean view. 183 sq. ft. of total living space; Panoramic ocean view from the full picture window; Queen bed (convertible to two single beds); Elegant private bath featuring L’Occitane products, a walk-in glass shower with rain head, body jets and a handheld shower, and a single wardrobe; Sitting area with two chairs, side table, flat-screen TV and state-of-the-art “infotainment” system $ 15,299
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There are higher category staterooms. Please inquiry about availability.

All prices are per person, based on double occupancy, and include all meals, onboard gratuities, accommodations, and entertainment!

Taxes of $432pp and optional insurance are additional.

A deposit of $500 per person for staterooms ($1,000 per person for suites) is required upon booking. Balance payment is due 120 days prior to sailing.

Optional shore excursions will be offered.

Fares are subject to availability and may change without prior notice.

Also included are the traditional Source Events escort and activities, subject to minimum participation.

Traveling alone? Ask about our single roommate share program to help you avoid the single supplement of 100% of the per person double occupancy rate.

Please ask for further details.

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