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Sailordudes Sailing Adventures is a trade name of Byte Works B.V., hereinafter called 'Sailordudes'. Bookings are made with Sailordudes after review and approval of the booking and after the required deposit or invoice total has been paid. By paying your deposit or invoice total you agree to our terms and conditions.



Sailordudes reserves the right to use alternative travel arrangements should circumstances force a change from any advertised arrangements. Sailordudes will do everything in its power to advise you as quickly as possible and such a change will not automatically entitle you to cancel a booking. Aircraft, hotels, restaurants, transport to and from airports or agents who supply the service are at all times acting only as agents to the persons or Sailordudes supplying the service. Sailordudes will not accept any liability for injury, damage, loss, delays, inconvenience or extra expenses incurred by the client nor for any other claims due to the actions of any person or company providing such services.



Sailordudes reserves the right to cancel a group sailing adventure due to any circumstances until four weeks before departure and will then do its best to provide a mutually acceptable alternative sailing adventure or provide a full refund less reasonable expenses incurred by Sailordudes in relation to the booking. It is also recommended to check with Sailordudes if the group adventure is confirmed before making final travelling arrangements. Once your group or tailor-made sailing adventure has started Sailordudes will not be liable for any loss, delay, inconvenience or extra expenses caused to the client for any reason.

We reserve the right to make a charge of 25 for the administration involved in altering a booking upon request of a client after the sailing adventure arrangements have been made.



No refunds are allowed in respect of unused (portions of) services of any kind. No Sailordudes representatives or agents are authorised to promise refunds. It can happen that yachts are not available yet on the first day exactly on the time specified due to unexpected circumstances, or have (technical) issues that result in delayed departure or interrupted sailing. This is beyond control of Sailordudes and is no reason for full or partial refund. Where required, Sailordudes will do its best to find a solution for unexpected delays together with the charter company.

The skipper has complete authority over the ship and those on board. He has the right, at any time, to change the plans or itinerary due to weather or other circumstances. This is no reason for full or partial refund.

If there would be any circumstance where a refund is given, the refund is always limited to the amount that was paid to Sailordudes and will never cover other expenses such as e.g. for transportation and hotels.



If unforeseen major changes occur for example in other taxes, VAT, exchange rates or fuel costs, then we regrettably have to reserve the right to pass these extra costs on to the client.


Payment for your sailing adventure

A deposit of 50% of the total price of the sailing adventure will be invoiced once the booking form has been received by Sailordudes and must be paid within 1 week. The balance of the payment for the sailing adventure must be received eight weeks prior to departure. Other terms may apply for specific destinations and tailor-made adventures, but will in that case be mentioned on the quotation and/or invoice.

If the balance is not received by the due date Sailordudes reserves the right to cancel the sailing adventure, retain the deposit and to levy cancellation charges according to the prescribed scale set out below. Bookings made within the eight week period must be paid in full at the time of booking.

All payments should be made by bank transfer (any charges are to be paid by payer) or payment card (payment card charges will apply). An additional fee will be levied for payments made by payment card as indicated in the invoice.



Must be made by email, by the main booker/contact person who booked the sailing adventure. Cancellations must be received by Sailordudes prior to the departure date to be valid. The date that the cancellation email is received at our office (Central European Time) will be the date used to determine cancellation charges which are levied on the following scale:
• Up to 45 days before departure Loss of deposit
• 44 days to day of departure 100% of the sailing adventure cost

Other cancellation conditions may apply for specific destinations and tailor-made adventures, but will in that case be mentioned on the quotation and/or invoice. Sailordudes recommends to arrange cancellation insurance.



In the unfortunate event that you feel you have cause for complaint during one of our sailing adventures please report the matter to your skipper and/or charter company without delay so they have the possibility to resolve the matter immediately for you. Any complaint should be given in writing to Sailordudes not more than 14 days following the end of the sailing adventure. Any dispute arising out of this complaint which cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties shall be referred to arbitration.

In applying to participate in a Sailordudes sailing adventure, you acknowledge that you are entering into a contract with Sailordudes and that any dispute or legal action arising out of the contract or subsequent trip will be arbitrated or handled in Dutch courts.


Alcohol and Smoking

Sailordudes adventures are smoke-free as indicated in the 'What to expect' information. Should the entire group and skipper have no objections, then smoking is not permitted below decks on any yacht. We strongly discourage smoking above decks as well since it can damage and litter the surface of the yacht, especially while sailing. Any damage caused as a result of smoking must be paid by the individual that caused it, or all smokers on board if it remains unclear who caused it. We reserve the right to put people ashore without any right for refund if their alcohol or tobacco consumption disturbs other clientele or is deemed by our crew to be likely to damage the yacht. Consequences and any costs are under complete responsibility of the persons involved.



Safety on board is an important aspect that your skipper will focus on and explain during the briefing. For safety and security reasons, clients must follow the orders of the skipper at all times. As with all activities, however, also sailing comes with a certain amount of risk involved for accidents and personal injuries. Sailordudes does not accept any liability for these risks and any other risks in connection to the sailing adventures or other activities that are offered by Sailordudes, which we assume are well understood by all participants. Nor do we accept liability for the loss, damage, or theft of personal belongings, including cash. Individuals are responsible for their personal safety and for the safety of their belongings.

Should the skipper consider that an individual's behaviour is disturbing the enjoyment of other people on the sailing adventure, then Sailordudes reserves the right to "put that individual ashore" without any right for refund whereupon Sailordudes' responsibility will end with regard to that individual.

If damage occurs to the yacht or its inventory due to imprudent or irresponsible behaviour, the repair and/or replacement costs must be paid by the participant.


Holiday / Travel Insurance Protection

It is a requirement that all clients arrange holiday/travel insurance by themselves and suitable for sailing adventures. Sailordudes also recommends to arrange cancellation insurance. Sailordudes will not be held liable for loss or damage suffered by the client whether insured, insufficiently insured or uninsured. All clients of Sailordudes need to be aware of this and acquire their own insurances, suitable for sailing adventures.


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