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The Ultimate Bali Villa
Gay Holidays Week

Gay Paradise Villa

7 Days from/to Bali, Indonesia

July 24 – 30, 2024
October 05 – 11, 2024
May 07 – 13, 2025
October 05 – 11, 2025


Bali -  The Island of Gods

Bali gay villa holidays

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Bali gay holidaysImagine one week in Bali with gay men, everywhere. A dazzling array of activities, from the most famous things to do on the Island of the Gods, to things off-the-beaten-path. This experience is for men of all orientations, and features a clothing-optional upscale villa. A luxurious property with three pools, several "outdoor living rooms", magnificent ocean views, and twelve guest rooms – carefully positioned on multiple levels for maximum vistas. This is the ultimate clothing optional gay villa experience in Bali.

Combine The Ultimate Bali Villa with our Flores, Komodo & Padar Clothing Optional Gay Cruise – trip dates are specifically set so both can be experienced back to back!

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Our sprawling accommodation features spacious and airy dining and sitting pavilions, zen water gardens complete with fish and turtles, a wall of cascading water, plush gazebos, and stunning views of the sunset each night. With generous amenities including whirlpools, massage spaces, and a gym, this villa has everything you could ever need to unwind and relax with other travelers.

Air conditioned rooms feature ensuite bathrooms, and can be shared or reserved as private rooms, if desired.


Bali luxury gay villa


Perched near the top of the Uluwatu cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean, this generous accommodation is gently staggered on several levels, affording beautiful views of the Balinese sunset to the west and 180 degree views of the ocean.

Our villa is actually configured in a traditional Balinese architectural layout, meaning it’s made up of several buildings joined by paths, just a few meters from each other. It can accommodate up to 28 guests, in twelve luxuriously appointed guest rooms. Additional space for socializing includes open living and dining rooms, two kitchens, indoor lounges, gorgeous pools, jacuzzis, and gazebos.


Bali gay resort


The Ultimate Bali Villa Gay Holidays Itinerary

Each day, you can choose from two options, a “Famous In Bali Activity” or an “Off-The-Beaten-Path Activity”. Or just hang out naked that day… at our upscale, luxury villa, or even do something on your own.

Breakfasts are in the villa. Lunches are out if you choose an activity, or you can always be in the villa and have a simple lunch there. Dinners vary: some will be prepared by our chef, or brought in (like pizzas on the night of our Villa Pool Party); others will be out in restaurants selected to give you a wide range of food choices and dining environments.

Evenings will vary, too. Some nights will be out – a jaunt to Bali’s gayborhood one night, a visit to the upscale Kempinski another. We’ve purposefully left two nights during the week open for you to do your own thing. And naturally, there’ll always be guys around the villa each evening, doing what men do best when left to their own devices.


Bali gay villa holidays


Day 1 - The Ultimate Bali Villa
We’ll pick you up from the airport (or your hotel) between 1 and 4pm, and bring you to The Ultimate Bali Villa. Settle into your room, unpack, and get naked. Later, we’ll take you on a tour through the expansive villa grounds.

Our first day is a relaxed day – a chance to kick back in our gorgeous accommodation, meet other guys, go for a swim in one of the pools, or even take a nap if you want. But don’t sleep too long – we’ve got a classic Indonesian spread for dinner at the villa, and a most amazing show afterwards: a private Kecak theatrical dance at our estate, performed by a troupe of shirtless men from the village.


Bali gay tour rice terrace


Day 2 - Jatiluwih Rice Terraces / Palace at Kerambitan
Wake up to sunshine and songbirds singing. We’ll take the morning slow, then, you can choose between the “Famous in Bali” Jatiluwih Rice Terraces or the “Off-the-Beaten-Path” Kerambitan Palace. As always, you can choose to hang back at the villa too – relaxing and sunning the day away.

Dinner this evening is at a sophisticated beachside restaurant in the Seminyak area. An extensive menu features both eastern and western cuisine, including sushi, burgers, and pizza. You’ll love the food, the music, and the relaxed island vibe. Later, hit the bars for a drink and hit the dance floor too, in Bali’s well-known gayborhood. Or just head back to our villa for a quieter time, maybe a soak in the villa’s whirlpool bath with others…

Famous In Bali: Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, these rice fields are a gorgeous sight – as well as an astounding feat of agricultural ingenuity. Enjoy a delicious meal overlooking sprawling, bright green terraces for as far as the eye can see. Take a light trek through the ricefields to get a closer look at how the Balinese maintain them in accordance to nature’s cycles.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Palace at Kerambitan
Built in the 1620s, this royal palace housed the regency’s royal family. As recent as fifty years ago, feasts were still presented here for rock stars and politicians alike, including Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Supertramp, as well as Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan and ambassadors from all over the world. Enjoy a casual tour through the ancient palace, and take a deep dive into the Balinese caste system, history, and traditional way of life.


Bali gay rafting


Day 3 - River Rafting / Mask Museum
Let’s get physical, physical! Today we’ll explore the physical body from multiple perspectives.

Start your day early with an optional, breathwork session at the villa. Breathwork is a popular healing modality that’s known to improve your physical and mental well-being. The 1-hour session will be led by our handsome British buddy and certified breathwork instructor, Anthony.

For our activities today, choose to physically use your body to navigate down a river in a raft, or explore how masks – some covering not just faces, but the entire body – can transform a person from one being to another. Pick between the “Famous in Bali” River Rafting adventure, or the “Off-the-Beaten-Path” Mask Museum.

Dinner at an open air restaurant close to the villa. With a pool and the ocean both just steps away, this eatery features casual grilled favorites, fresh salads, delicious beef, pork and seafood, and a full bar with creative cocktails.

Famous In Bali: River Rafting
Cruise on a raft through the Ayung River, which steadily winds through the enchanting Balinese rainforest. Look around and take in the sights: soaring trees, swinging vines, and hand-carved riverbed rocks depicting jungle animals. It’s a fun adventure immersed in nature, with minimal effort – this isn’t white water rafting – but maximum wonder and awe.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Mask Museum
The Setia Darma House of Masks includes a vast collection from different regions in Indonesia. This display impresses us each time we go for its variety, craftsmanship, creativity, curation, and world-class museum quality. Gawk at the incredible detail that goes into over 1300 handcrafted masks, discover aspects of their cultural significance, and gain a deeper understanding of masterful, local traditions.


Bali gay tour - Jagatnatha temple


Day 4 - Jagatnatha Temple / Jeep Ride Up Mount Batur
Authenticity is the theme of the day! Choose between finding authenticity in a Balinese temple with the “Famous In Bali” Jagatnatha Temple, or have a more adventurous authentic outing to a unique Balinese village – and a most impressive Balinese mountain – with our “Off-the-Beaten-Path” activity today.

Dinner in the villa, in conjunction with our Ultimate Villa Pool Party. Our all-male naked pool parties aren’t famous, but they do result in lasting memories. And why not? They always take place in a beautiful villa, take place on a balmy Balinese night, and have a unique combination: men au naturel, camaraderie, great music, and sexy vibes. We’ve thrown pool parties many times, and they’re always, um, raging successes.

What makes them so special? Perhaps the better question to ask is, What actually happens at these parties? Well… these private gatherings vary as much with the activities, as with the men who attend. Sometimes there’s a naked Twister game. Other times, nude local massage guys are brought in. Sometimes there’s body painting. Sometimes there’s pizza deliveries. And sometimes, a few local friends from the island join us. Always, there’s time at the pool… and delicious cocktails. With our events, you can definitely expect everything, including lots of cocks – and tails!

Famous In Bali: Jagatnatha Temple
Made from white coral, these temple walls are decorated with stunning depictions of scenes from ancient Hindu teachings. Stroll through the grounds, and gather a sense of the sacred spiritual nature of Bali. Of all the activity options, this temple outing is our closest to the villa. Just 20 minutes away by car, you can choose this lighter activity and still return to the villa early enough to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Jeep Ride Up Mount Batur and Trunyan Village
We’ll start out very early on Day 4, by waking up in the middle of the night to see the sunrise from Mount Batur. After a 2+hour ride to the base, we’ll change vehicles and ascend the magnificent volcanic mountain in a Jeep, driving up black, solid lava. As the sun comes up, enjoy breathtaking views over neighboring islands far across the ocean. Upon our descent, we’ll visit Trunyan Village, where the local people carry out a unique ritual. When a person dies here, their body is placed openly on the ground, covered only with cloth and bamboo canopies, and left to decompose. The influence of a nearby magical tree is said to remove any putrid smells.


Bali gay beach


Day 5 - Dreamland Beach / Local Crafts
Yours to create: A relaxing day… a silver masterpiece… or a hand-carved cock. It’s time for some, uh, hard choices. Today our “Famous In Bali” activity is Dreamland Beach - a turquoise-water, white sand, quintessential island beach. Or choose our Off-the-Beaten-Path option pursuing local crafts, and take a workshop either learning how to make silver jewelry, or how to carve wood in the form of a phallus. And yep, you get to take your artwork home…

Dinner will be in a local beachside restaurant. Enjoy barbequed seafood al fresco, accompanied by an icy beer, a fresh coconut, or another drink of your choosing – while the waves lap upon the shore.

Famous In Bali: Dreamland Beach
Need a rest after the villa party? How about a day at Dreamland – the classic Bali beach experience! Picturesque white sand, turquoise blue waters, a chance to watch Balinese surfers ride the waves, and lots of nooks and crannies to explore in the cliffside. Nibble on fresh fruit and sip on a hydrating coconut at the beach bar… and recharge in paradise.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Local Crafts
If you’re into arts and culture, this “Off-the-Beaten-Path” activity is an opportunity to make local crafts alongside Balinese experts. Choose between silver jewelry crafting or wood carving

Silver Jewelry – Learn how to design, silversmith, and weld your own piece of jewelry. Come with an idea, or be open to crafting something in an iconic Balinese style. Take home lasting memories, as well as a lasting objet d’art.

Woodcarving – learn ancient Indonesian methods of woodcarving, and create your own piece of art in the form of a dick. Seriously… wooden penis carvings really are a thing in Bali! This experience may redefine Morning Wood for you.


Bali gay tour - Sacred Monkey Forest


Day 6 - Sacred Monkey Forest / Taman Beji Griya Waterfall
Sacred monkeys and spiritual waterfalls… both special places for the Balinese. Today’s Famous In Bali option is Bali’s Sacred Monkey Forest and a stroll on Hanoman Street. Our Off-the-Beaten-Path choice is the Taman Beji Griya Waterfall – believed to have purifying and healing waters.

Tonight’s dinner is a highlight of The Ultimate Bali Villa experience: Koral Restaurant in the Apurva Kempinski. Get ready for an aquatic dining adventure, unlike anything you’ve had before. This is true bistronomy: elegant dishes inspired by Indonesian coastal flavors, surrounded by an “architectural aquarium” with music that captures the mystery of life below the waves. The multi-course feast is an adventure in slow food, and every morsel is a taste sensation arousing your senses.

Famous In Bali: Sacred Monkey Forest and Ubud’s Hanoman Street
In Bali, monkeys represent the energy surrounding temples and their powers. With clans of free-roaming wild long-tailed macaques, the forest is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Ubud. As intelligent as they are mischievous, these monkeys are fascinating to observe as they swing through their lush, natural habitat. Plus, who doesn’t like to see a naughty monkey humping something inappropriate?

You’ll then head into the town itself. Ubud is the island’s center for traditional crafts, dance, and healing. Stroll down Hanoman Street’s shops and view some of the island’s best handicrafts. Fun fact: Hanoman was the monkey commander of the army in the Hindu epic, The Ramayana. As a child, he once tried to grab the sun, which he mistook for a fruit. Now there’s an epic story!

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Taman Beji Griya Waterfall
If you’re looking to connect with the spiritual forces of the island, join in a Hindu water purification ceremony to symbolically let go and refresh your life. The ceremony takes place in the jungle, and includes screaming under a cascading waterfall at the top of your lungs, to release stuck energy. Then, laugh as loud as you can under a second waterfall, to invite joy into your life. The scene itself is breathtaking with natural pools of water lined with detailed rock carvings, traditional Balinese flower offerings, and an abundance of sweet-smelling incense.


Gay Bali tour


Day 7 - Bali Gay Villa Departure
A leisurely morning, with another delicious breakfast compiled by our naked chef. There will plenty of time to pack this morning…

Oh wait, are you continuing on for our Flores, Komodo & Padar Nude Gay Cruise? In that case, you may fly on to Labuan Bajo (LBJ) this day. Or perhaps you haven’t had enough of Bali, and you’d like to extend your trip one more day before heading over.

After a hearty breakfast spread to get you ready for your upcoming journey, we’ll make sure you’re prepared for wherever your next move takes you. Our cars await with air conditioned comfort.


Bali exclusive gay holidays


Gay Bali holidays


The Ultimate Bali Villa Holidays Features

• A Seven Day / Six Night Experience

Be naked as much as you’d like in our 12 bedroom, lush, state-of-the-art villa with panoramic ocean views

See the best of Bali with two itinerary options to choose from each day: “Famous In Bali” activities and “Off-The-Beaten-Path” activities

• Witness a local “Kecak” Balinese performance by a troupe of half-naked men

• Ascend the iconic Mount Batur in a 4-wheel drive Jeep, and marvel at the magnificent sunrise

• Take a workshop – either silver jewelry making or penis woodcarving (yeah, it’s a thing here!) – taught by Balinese craftsmen

• Trek along verdant, iconic UNESCO-designated Balinese rice fields


Bali gay tour


• Feast on fresh, healthy meals made by our naked personal chef

• Enjoy our infinity pool with bottomless cocktails, served by our naked butler

• Experience the holistic healing modality known as breathwork, which boosts circulation and generates a state of calm

• Bond with other guys at our trademark Naked Villa Party – a mid-week event complete with music, drinks, connection, and a renewed sense of freedom

• Stimulate your palate with a multi-course farewell degustation dinner in an over-the-top underwater restaurant. It’s really underwater!

• Explore the countless secret spots in the villa with new friends


Bali all inclusive gay holidays


What's Included?


• Entry fees and transportation for all “Famous in Bali” activities

• Entry fees and transportation for all “Off-The-Beaten-Path” activities

• All meals, from trip start to finish

• Afternoon snacks

• Soft drinks, mineral water, coffee, and tea

• Freshly squeezed Juice-of-the-Day

• 24-hour open bar with beer, wine, arak, vodka, gin, whisky, and rum


Gay Bali vacation


• Fruit basket – available all day and night

• Four Group Leaders

• Full-body naked massage in our open-air spa

• Services of naked chef/butler

• All linens, including towels

• Laundry services

• Multi-course degustation farewell dinner

• Airport/Hotel pick-up and drop-off


Bali gay travel


Who's This Experience For?

Men! All kinds of men!

We welcome men of all ages… all orientations: gay, straight, bisexual, questioning… all shapes and sizes… and all nationalities. We welcome men who are seasoned nudists, as well as men who are first exploring nudism. Men who like to look at naked bodies, and men who like to be looked at.


Bali gay couples holidays


We welcome singles, partners, poly couples and throuples. This is an experience of men coming together in camaraderie, to experience a greater sense of freedom than they normally encounter in everyday life. It’s our firm belief that every man is interesting on some level. Indeed, different backgrounds and life experiences are what makes each of our trips unique, and we hope that everyone will feel welcome to join us for this memorable villa experience.


Bali gay travel



Bali gay villa pool



Bali luxury gay villa poolside bar



Bali gay villa dining room



Bali Pandawa gay villas



Bali gay villa ocean view



Bali gay villa bathroom



Bali gay villa lounge



Bali gay villa gym



Bali gay villa gazebo



Gay Bali trip


Quote or Reservation


The Ultimate Bali Villa Nude Gay Holidays Prices

Room Category Description
Jul 24, 2024
Per person
$ (USD)
Oct 05, 2024
Per person
$ (USD)

Bali gay villa Elegance Room

The Elegance Room has a clean, minimalist design with a thatched, high ceiling. It’s well-appointed with a couple of upholstered chairs, a fainting couch, a desk, and a coffee table. The bathroom includes beautiful Balinese lotus carving reliefs, as well as a giant terrazzo bathtub surrounded by four columns. Ocean view; Private deck with table and chairs; Open and spacious; Bathtub and shower; Semi-private (a few steps to the main social area); Location: Terrace Four; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Enchantment Room

The Enchantment Room is quintessential Bali-style, with a thatched high-ceiling and hand-carved wood details. Two of the walls feature sliding glass doors that open to a private deck with spectacular ocean views. Airy, light, and spacious, this room is a great fit for those seeking a total luxury experience immersed in an enchanting culture. Ocean view; Private deck with table and chairs; Open and spacious; Private outdoor Jacuzzi; Shower; Quiet and private; Location: Terrace Two; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Passion Room

The Passion Room feels as if it’s an upscale villa in itself. The most private room of all, it has its own separate doorway entry into the private garden. The traditional, high ceiling enhances the spaciousness of the room. It’s well-appointed with a fainting couch, upholstered chairs, and a desk. The lavish bathroom includes a beautiful oval bathtub that rests over a private fish pond. Ocean and garden view; Private deck with chairs and umbrella; Bathtub and shower; Very private; Location: Terrace Four; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Radiance Room

The Radiance Room is the topmost room in the stepped-villa complex, and overlooks the blue ocean. The sliding glass doors open to a private deck, including a plush daybed and private outdoor pavilion. It’s the perfect room for those who appreciate a balance of activity and quiet time Ocean view; Private deck; Open and spacious; Accessible by stairs; Round, wooden bathtub with view; Shower situated in a sculpted wall of traditional Balinese reliefs; Quiet and private; Location: Terrace One; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Allure Room

The Allure Room is situated next to the infinity pool and features an incredible ocean view. The room feels spacious, with a high, thatched ceiling and plenty of natural light. The bathroom opens up to a small private garden with a table and chairs. The room is ideal for social guests, as it’s right off the pool and main social areas. Ocean and pool view; Garden with umbrella, table, and chairs; Couch; Shower; TV; Private; Location: Terrace Four; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (a single bed can be added to this room)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Brilliance Room

The Brilliance Room is decorated with Indonesian wood carvings and artwork, for an authentic feel. Natural light streams in from multiple directions, as the bed faces an ocean view that spans nearly 90 degrees. Easy access to social areas such as the infinity pool, which is set off to the side. A great fit for those who want an upscale room that’s still close to the action. Ocean and pool view; Queen-sized bed; Wide, built-in couch; Shower; Semi-private; Location: Terrace Two; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (with one person on the couch)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Tranquility Room

The Tranquility Room faces a private zen garden equipped with a lotus and fish pond. The room is spacious with minimalist touches, including a small, curvy couch. Tucked away from the social areas, it’s a room to enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by nature. Garden view; Private zen garden and pond; TV; Shower; Quiet and private; Location: Terrace Four; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (a single bed can be added to this room)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Versatility Room

The Versatility Room is located on the lowest level of the stepped-villa complex, with a pool and outdoor pavilion that’s shared with the room opposite. The space is reminiscent of a studio apartment, with half of the room setup with a couch, TV, round table, and chairs. It’s ideal for those who want to have their own space within close proximity to social areas. Garden and pool view; Shower; Quiet and semi-private; Accessible by stairs; Location: Terrace Five; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (with one person on the couch)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Serenity Room

The Serenity Room is located on the lowest level of the stepped-villa complex, with a pool and outdoor pavilion that’s shared with the room opposite. The space faces a beautiful garden, with glass sliding doors on two walls. The room includes simple furnishing, and a spacious bathroom. It’s ideal for those who want to have their own space within close proximity to social areas. Garden and pool view; Shower; Quiet and semi-private; Accessible by stairs; Location: Terrace Five; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Harmony Room

The Harmony Room is centrally located in the middle section of the villa, but tucked away at the end of a lush garden path. It’s adjacent to a giant wall fountain that cascades into a private plunge pool. The room is spacious and includes a charming kitchenette. Perfect for those who want to relax out of sight and surrounded by nature. Garden view; Kitchenette; Outdoor couch; Queen-sized bed; Shower; Quiet and private; Accessible by stairs; Location: Terrace Three; Ideal for 1 or 2 men

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Abundance Room

The Abundance Room is in the middle section of the villa, situated at the end of a beautiful flower garden path. It’s adjacent to the villa gym, and faces a spiral staircase that leads to the above level deck, as well as a few stairs that lead down to other rooms. With a simple bathroom and furnishings, it’s open and spacious – a comfortable choice for any guest. Garden view; Sofa bed; Desk and chair; Outdoor couch; Shower; Semi-private; Location: Terrace Three; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (a single bed can be added to this room)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Bali gay villa Imagination Room

The Imagination Room is situated next to the infinity pool, perfect for sociable fellows that like to be close to the action. The room features two single beds, plenty of storage space, and an ocean-themed bathroom. This room may accommodate a third single bed, and is therefore a great choice for friends who want to be together, but not sleep in the same beds. Single beds; Oval bathtub; Shower; Central and connected; Location: Terrace Two; Ideal for 1, 2, or 3 men (a single bed can be added to this room)

$ 4,990

$ 4,990

Quote or Reservation


Single Occupancy Room Supplement - $1,990

Traveling alone? Single Room Share available!

Third person in triple room - $3,980

50 % Deposit required at time of booking. Balance Due not later than 190 days before departure

Price does not include 3% payment card charges. No additional charges on bank transfer payments.


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