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Playa de Maspalomas

The main gay beach can be found between Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. Here is where the boys (and slightly older gentlemen) lay down in the sun, hand around at the bar or swim in the ocean. Here you can find almost everybody you saw last night in the C.C. Yumbo, with or without a swimsuit.

It's not so much a beach as a piece of desert 8 kms long by 3 kms wide with 4 meter high sand dunes!

The beach is also well known cause of the Kiosk No. 7 with its trendy music, cold beer and tasty snacks, where the party continues.


Gay Beach Gran Canaria


How to get there?

To get there take a taxi to Plaza del Faro then walk east until you come to 'Spot No. 7'

The gay beach can be reached by a 10 minute walk from the Maspalomas lighthouse or via a 20 minute walk via the dunes from the Riu Place Maspalomas hotel in Playa del Ingles. And that walk is entertaining (but more about that later).

The gay beach is easy recognisable at the the rainbow flag at the little kiosk near the water. If you want to be comfortable, you can hire a chair. You can also lay down between the men near the water on the dune at the right. As every gay beach, you're able to get a sun taint right all over, bath clothing is optionable. And therefore, you'll be able to see the beatiful young boys and the not so beatiful older guys in all their glory....

Apparently there are two 'Spot No. 7's', so make sure you're at the right one.


Gay Beach Gran Canaria


The Gay Beach at Maspalomas

The gay beach at Maspalomas is a great place to sunbathe and people-watch. You can do it cheaply by just laying out your towel on the sand (just watch out for the tide) or pay to hire a sunbed (€5 for a hamaca and a sombrilla - €2.50 if you just want to soak up the sun).

If you take your own sun umbrella, make sure it's well-anchored in the sand. On some days, sudden gusts of wind have been known to uproot them, which sends them bowling along the beach and risks injury to other sunbathers. Bear in mind that the sun is strong here, and you need to use appropriate sun protection. For days with stronger wind, a windbreak is established.


Gay Beach Maspalomas Gran Canaria


It's a clothing-optional beach (but put something on to go and buy a drink at the kiosco). You can get to it by walking through the dunes from the Riu Palace Maspalomas hotel, or by walking from the lighthouse at Maspalomas. Either way, it's a long walk, but well worth it, as it's one of the island's nicest beaches.

If you go swimming, follow the instructions of the lifeguards who patrol the beach and obey the warning flags. Under some conditions, there are strong currents, and you need to take care: overall though, it's a nice place for a swim.

The legendary beach kiosco No. 7 sells a wide variety of drinks - a bottle of water currently costs €1.30 - plus a limited range of rolls, sandwiches, chocolate bars and crisps etc.


Gay Dunes Maspalomas


Actual Conditions of the Beach of Maspalomas

In the last few years heavy storms destroyed much of the sandy beach of Maspalomas. It becomes more and more visible now!

From the Gay Beach at the Kiosk Nr. 7 to the Strandapotheke, many severe weather and storms have caused that nothing is, as it once was!

If you have not been in Gran Canaria for a couple of years, you will really be shocked by the situation.

Particularly clear, you can see it at the kiosks, which once were always far behind on the beach and are now actually on the waterfront.

At gay beach No. 7, it is also very visible. In front of the kiosk there used to be at least five rows of sun loungers and then again at least 200 meters of sandy beach to the water, now the sun loungers are behind the kiosk and the kiosk itself almost in the water. Actually you can bathe only with swimming shoes, since you must first walk over many stones to get into the sea.

Last year the Beach of Maspalomas, especially the Gay Beach recovered a little bit. It is not the same as before, but it became much better again! The nature helped itself and the government did its part to improve the condition!


Gay Beach Maspalomas Gran Canaria


Playing at the dunes

However, the main attraction of the gay beach (and maybe of the whole island) are the sand dunes behind the gay beach. At around four o'clock, many people leave the beach for a short and refreshing walk trough the the dunes, to explore the beauty and magnitude of gay nature. A lot of men camp here for the day instead at the beach, being out of the wind at wait for the catch of the day. This is really to place to get to know your fellow tourist a little bit closer...


Click on Map for larger view

Gran Canaria Gay Beach Map



Rocky beaches between Meloneras and Arguineguín

Very popular for gays are the rocky beaches between Meloneras and Arguineguin . Here you can find more the locals but also tourists and residents whose are enjoying the sun with or without a swimsuit. Also cruising is posible at many isolated places between the rocks. Many come here at the evening or on weekends.

The best way to get here is by car, motorbike or bus. To get to these beaches you have to take the coastal road towards Meloneras Arguineguin until you see the bus stop called "La Loma" where you also can park opposite. You also can take the bus line 1 or 33.


Nude Gay Beach Gran Canaria


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