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Yumbo Centrum Gran CanariaIn day time, Yumbo Center is nothing more than a tourist trap, offering cheap souvenirs, clothing and other stuff you don't need to old people from Germany and Scandinavia, too old to bake in the sun all day. But at night, Yumbo transfers into the center of gay nightlife!

In recent years the number of gay bars, shops, cafes and restaurants had been increasing, with many new, exciting places to explore.


Starting off

For dinner, Yumbo offers a scala of gay owned restaurants, where you can have cheap and rather decent food. And mostly, the menu is there for you in your native language!


The bars

Yumbo Gran CanariaThen, around 11 at night, most people sit down at one of the terraces on one at the big gay bars on the ground floor for a beer and some entertainment. Everynight, Ricky's Cabaret Bar hosts a very popular karaoke show, followed by a drag queen comedy show. Bar Junior has live strippers on its terrace (beware of some hard object in your neck...). Real tough guys (and often the younger ones) go to the Construction bar to have a beer, while the older Germans massivly run into the Na Und Pils Bar next door.

Between midnight and one, people move up to the second floor to hang around some bars for drag performances, German and Dutch schlagers (Macho Macho), some darkrooms (Cruise) and a lot of cheep Spanish beer.



Yumbo Gran CanariaAfter one, most of the young people are off to the video bars at the top floor like Mykonos and Tubos. To finish the night of, the dancing crowd ends at club Mantrix or in weekend to Heaven, the Gran Canarian branch of the famous London club (which attracts a lot of local straight boys as well). On the other side of Yumbo you'll find club XL until the late hours, only to be filled really in the early morning.


Outside Yumbo

There are some bars outside the Yumbo Center. At the Avda de Tiranjana, a 5 minutes walk from Yumbo, you'll find a club called Reds, next to a new and trendy gay owned restaurant called Mundo.

CITA is a smaller commercial center south of Yumbo and features also a couple of bars in the basement, as well as a men's sex club Chaps. However, this area does not attract as many gay visitors as the Yumbo, the ultimate symbol of straightforward gay pleasure.


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Gran Canaria Yumbo Centre Map

Gran Canaria Yumbo Centre Map

G = mainly gay venue, GF= gay friendly venue,
L= lesbian venue, GM = gay men only
E = gets busy early, L = gets busy late
S = regular show, D = Dance Floor,
T = terrace, B = backroom, darkroom


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Yumbo Centre Ground Floor

Map No. Name Type Facilities Comments
1 Es Fatal Bar G E T French and international Bar with vast selection of French and Spanish wines Closed
2 The Gallery Bar G L T Cool and funky bar and also after hours bar! Great bar, cozy and comfortable seating areas and small terrace. Closed
3 Plaza Café/ Bar Café GF E T English run serving British food daily from 10.00-22.00 - Special Sunday Lunches
4 Buddies Bar & Cafe G E S T Show bar. One of the friendliest bars in the Yumbo with a camp party atmosphere It is said "welcome stranger - goodbye friend" - More
5 MeickeR Bar G E T Danish hospitality in Yumbo - Small & cosy The Bar MeickeR of Erik and Jack! - More
6 Divinity Bar GF T Everybody is a star in karaoke cocktail bar! Karaoke host Karl Trueno starts karaoke at 9pm. - More
7 La Baguette Café GF Internet bar and cafe with friendly service.
8 Diamonds Bar GF E T Yorkshire owned Family Bar with no attitude. Open from 11am for food. Terrace. - More
9 O'Seven Bar G E D T B, D A lounge bar with a dance floor and a very large terrace to see and be seen! Darkroom (only for guests) with a large video screen.
11 Barenhohle Bar GM E T B Bear Bar with Bear Videos. Mainly German clientele. Over 2,000 Teddy Bears! - More
12 Spartacus Bar G International Cocktail bar. Wide range of coffee specialities. Bright furnishings! - More
13 Wunderbar Bar G E T International Cocktail bar with a lot of attention to details. - More
14 Na Und Bar G E S T Mainly German with dance floor. If you and your partner fancy a waltz this is the place for you. - More
14 Blink @Na Und Bar G E S T D The little brother of the well-known "Na Und". Small and cozy bar adjacent to the Na Und
15 Spices Restaurant GF Indian Restaurant Closed
16 Underground Shop GM E The Gay Fetish Shop where your dreams come true!!!
17 Construction Bar GM E S T B, D Pleasure Dome and Fetish Club. Looks just like a construction zone. Lots of chains, a sling, GoGo dancers etc. Very popular crusing - More
18 Cellar Bar/Sex Club GM E T B, D Heavy industrial look. Underwear, boots, jock strap, naked theme nights. Theme nights after midnight - More
19 Man's Plaza SexShop/ Cabins GM E B Sex toys. DVD's. Private cabins, a videoroom and a darkroom available for gays only.
20 Ricky's Cabaret Bar Bar GF L S T Fun, Lively, very popular bar - not to be missed - Fab Drag every night - More
21 Fiction Bar G E T A big terrace bar which works hard to pull in its customers, with cute waiters in thongs, free shots and drinks promotions. - More
22 Desire Bar G E   T A big terrace bar with its boyish waiters in themed costumes.
23 Rendezvous Bar G E T English owned. Pleasant bar with Large video screen and Terrace.
24 The Block Bar GM E T B, D Friendly, Gay men-only bar with darkroom. Mainly English clientele.
25 Zaza Bar GF E T International Bar. Nice place to sit and watch the world go by. - More
26 Gio Bar GF E T Popular International Terrace Bar with a good corner location for people-watching - More
27 Adonis Bar G E T German owned very Popular International Terrace Bar - More
28 Junior Bar G E T 19:00-Late. Friendly & popular Dutch International Terrace Bar. - More
29 Parrots Bar G E T Sit back and relax and enjoy your drink on the terrace hosted by 2 shiny drag queens and a wonderful and friendly staff.
30 Peppermint Bar G E T 11:00-03:00 International Dutch Terrace Cocktail Bar - More
31 Latino Bar G E T 18:30-02:30 International Terrace Café/Bar. The only one with a latin taste! - More
32 Eiffel Bar G E T Savoir Vivre in the Yumbo. French influence to Gran Canaria. - More
33 Xanadu Bar G E T A small english bar (former Jackie's Bar) - More
34 Mystique Bar G E S T Bar hosted by Drag Queen Miss Abbi. Large terrace and bar with a fresh draft Tropical beer , Cocktails and homemade sangria.
34 La Santa Lounge Bar G E T Nice terrace with comfortable lounge furniture and Spanish music - More
35 Kiss FM Bar Lounge Bar G E   T Meet, Dance, Realx and Chill in Kiss FM Lounge Bar - More
35 Bunker Bar/Sex Club GM E S   B, D Bunker is the SEXIEST HARD CORE bar in the Yumbo Center. - More
- China Town Restaurant GF Chinese food.
- Gran China Restaurant GF Chinese food.
- Thailand Restaurant GF Thai food.
- La Bulle Bar G E T Lounge & Disco Bar with a Belgian & French touch. Terrace where you can sit comfortably, enjoy delicious drink's and see what is going on in the Yumbo - More

Yumbo Centre 1st Floor

Map No. Name Type Facilities Comments
40 Macho Macho Bar G L T Popular late night Dutch partybar with a lot of Dutch music. - More
41 The Box Men's Bar GM L T B, D Men Only cruising bar, leather and jeans bar, big darkroom - More
42 Prison Bar GM L N B, D Small gay cruising bar. Men only! German Owned with Back room.
43 Coco Loco Bar G L T Video - Music Fun - Party Bar. Outdoor partying by a younger audience all night long. - More
44 Terry's Show-Bar G L S T Spanish drag show bar. - More
45 Cruise Bar GM L B, D 23:00-06:00 The name says it all. Large bear & leather bar. Multiple cabins, passages, mazes, slings, a porn video room, glory holes and two dark rooms - More
46 Gossip Show Bar L, G E S T Lesbian, Gay and Friends - Show, Live singers, Extravaganza, comedy drag show - Lounge - Dance - Fiesta - More
46 Amigos Party Bar G L D T B Holiday party bar at the Yumbo Boulevard. Friendly staff, dance floor, shows, cabaret, gogo dancers, smoking area, video jukebox, hot bartenders, security - More
47 Kingz Club Club G L D T B, D A big gay disco, terrace and dancefloor, sexy boys, cabins and darkroom. Busy after 3 AM. - More
48 Doner Kebab Bistro G L T Late night food bar
49 Barra Onda Café G L T Late night food bar
- Glory Hole Bar GM L T B, D Good music and reasonably priced branded drinks. gay videos in the bar area and a darkroom with private cubicles and glory holes.
- DG Pride Shop Shop G E Not only is a Sex Shop. It is a comfortable Shop in an rather old-fashioned style, which just invites you to explore.
- Sparkles Show-Bar GF E S T The popular karaoke is part of the concept, as well as the daily show's by the drag queens . Modern furnished, with large flat screens in good light and sound system, and of course a good and friendly service that offers you the Sparkless Show Bar a every evening.- More
51 Iceberg Bar-Café G E T B Bar for Bears, chubs and daddies Closed
53 Centre Stage Show-Bar G L S T Music, Theatre Bar with Sandra Lumumba on Fridays- More
54 Bei Lelo Restaurant G E T German Resturant, always popular with gay diners
55 Facecook Restaurant G E T enjoy a sophisticated dinner in the small but very fine restaurant or on the terrace, accompanied by beautiful Café del Mar music. - More
56 Valentine's Restaurant G E T 19:00-01:00 Typical German food Restaurant
57 Dali Restaurant G E T Good place to go for a special romantic meal
58 Ola Junior Restaurant G E T Nice bar, in the stylish restaurant or on the terrace.
- La Candela Restaurant GF Spanish & Italian food restaurant
- Martel House Restaurant GF 12:00-24:00 Restaurant with international and canarian food.

Yumbo Centre Top Floor

Map No. Name Type Facilities Comments
60 World of Music (WOM) Club G L D B, D 01:00-07:00 Formerly Heaven. Large club. Irregular gay parties.
61 Ministry Bar G L T Disco Bar
62 Tubos Bar G L T 23:00-03:30 Disco Bar. The music is good on the taste of young gay guys. - More
63 Mykonos Bar GM L T B, D 23:00-03:30 Man's Disco bar. Dark room. Labyrinth. Terrace. - More
64 Mantrix Club G L D B, D 02:00-Late. Man's disco. Modern. State-of-the-art sound system. Dark room. - More
65 Hot Garage SexShop G L Sex toys. DVD's. Video room
65 Rias Bajas Restaurant GF 13:00-16:00+19:00-24:00 Food typical of northern Spain.

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