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Gay Sitges BeachOne of the main attractions of Sitges is the large number of clean sandy beaches (see map). Between the distinctive Parish Church at one end of the promenade and the Terramar Hotel at the other there are no fewer than nine breakwaters, with gently sloping golden beaches in between, most of which offer sunloungers for rent, showers and refreshment kiosks.

Although there is only one predominantly gay beach in the centre of town - La Platja de la Bossa Rodona, directly below the Picnic Restaurant on the seafront - in recent years it has begun to be colonised by straights and their families and overspill during the height of summer means that you will find gay men and women just about anywhere along the whole stretch.

Sitges gay beachIf you can't find a place to tan your tush on the central beaches, then it's only a short walk beyond the church to Platja Sant Sebastiá, Platja dels Balmins (for mixed nudey bathing) and Platja d'Aiguadolç.

But that's not all - if you want to get an all-over tan away from the gaze of gawping straight tourists and you're feeling energetic, it's worth the effort heading out to the nudist beaches beyond the Terramar Hotel.

The first of these, about a 10-minute walk from L'Atlàntida disco along the hilly coast and railway lines, is mixed. Here you will find a beach bar serving a range of snacks and drinks. The beach itself is part sand, part pebbles.

Cala del Home Mort (Dead Man's Beach) - SitgesFurther up, the second nudist beach at Cala del Home Mort (Dead Man's Beach) is almost exclusively gay male. It too has a small bar, but the beach itself can be uncomfortably pebbly, and unless you bring a big enough towel or rent a lounger you may spend the rest of your holiday removing small stones from every orifice.

Fortunately, there is a wooded area on the other side of the railway line which provides shelter from the sun and, if nothing else, serves as a secluded place where you can extract those pesky pebbles.

There are a number of ways to get to these beaches, including walking from town, taking the local Bus Urbà from the Station to the Hotel Terramar and then walking to L'Atlàntida and beyond, or splashing out on a taxi to L'Atlàntida disco (about €7) and then finishing the journey on foot.

Highlighting a handful of bars would be an injustice as there are so many good ones to choose from. If you're stuck for somewhere to go, head down the main street of Calle Dos de Mayo or the triangle formed by Calle Espalter, Calle San Francisco and pedestrianised Parellades; in either area you'll easily find somewhere to enjoy.

Sitges Gay Beach - De la Bassa RodonaSitges BeachesThe Gay Beach - De la Bassa Rodona
5 minute walk from the town center.
To get there: The main Gay Beach is La Playa De La Bossa Rodona, directly below the Picnic Restaurant, opposite the Hotel Calipolis. Over the past number of years it has been attracting more of a straight clientele, but it still is packed with gay boys during the peak season. You will know when you get there when you smell the coconut oil!! Its not difficult to miss the bronzed bodies, the skintight speedos and the designer glasses and beach towels.

Beware though; the beach hawkers and masseurs will constantly bombard you with their offers of continuous refreshments and various massage treatments. And watch your belongings. Remember, bags go missing when you go swimming!

Sitges BeachesGay & Mixed Nudist Beach - De las Balmins
(Says 'Mixed Nudist Beach' on the map below)
Gay Nudist Beach - De las Balmins15 minute walk from the town center.
To get there: Turn left when you get to the sea front. Walk up to the church and continue past it on the side of the sea. Stay on the road next to the beach. You'll pass a long beach, then climb a hill past the cemetery. You'll then see it in front of you. The first little beach and the first part of the bigger beach that you can see are the gay parts. This beach is great for seeing exhibitionism at it's best!

The nudist beach beyond the church at Platja Sant Sebastia, Platja dels Balmins (for mixed nude bathing) and Platja d'Aiguadolc. has become a popular alternative for those Gay Boy's in the know. And whilst it is encouraged to go nude, no one will make you take your speedos off, unless you want them to of course.

Sitges BeachesThe Gay Nudist Beach - Del Muerto
45 minute walk from the town center but well worth it (If only for the cruising area!)
15 minute walk if you first take a taxi to 'L'Atlàntida disco'.
Though it is a long walk, it does get surprisingly busy every day in the summer.

Sitges Gay Nudist beach

To get there: Go to the end of the Atlántida car park. You'll see a pathway. Keep following it up and down the hills. You come to the straight nudist beach first. Continue past it and you'll come to the gay nudist beach next.
Gay naked BeachIf you do decide to walk the whole way, to first get to Atlántida, you have to walk right along the Sitges beaches to the end, in the direction of the Terramar hotel. Pass the Terramar and jump off the sea wall onto the pebbly beach. Keep going straight ahead until you come to the Atlántida car park. If you have one, take an air bed with you because it's a very pebbly beach. There is a chiringuito at the beach where you can buy refreshments and snacks. You can also rent sun loungers at 5€ for a day.

You can get to both of these beaches by bike, on foot or by taxi. A taxi to the L'Atlantida disco costs around €10, but you will then need to finish the journey on foot, which takes about 10 minutes. If you decide to walk, it will take you approximately 50 minutes to get there. But it is well worth it!

Note: The first (straight nudist beach) has a rainbow flag flying. Don't get confused by it, continue to the next beach.

Directly behind the gay beach, across the train tracks is an awesome cruising area in the woods that goes on forever and it's always busy during daylight hours. Make sure to take a peek in all the nooks and crannies, you'll find lots of hidden delights to satisfy even the hungriest mouths!

Please take care getting to this beach! You have to walk beside the railway lines to get there and the trains are flying by at 120kph. Alternatively you can take the cliff edge route but that is perhaps even more risky if you're still a little hung over from the night before.
For the cruising area, you have to cross the railway lines and they fly out of the tunnel to your left before you know it. Look both ways, make sure you have a good hold on any package you may have in hand and wiggle that tush like the clappers!
If you hear the railway lines humming, it's a sure sign a train is coming.

Gay Nudist beach

HotTip:Take food and drinks with you if you are going to the above beach. The chiringuito (snack bar) is very expensive.



Gay Beach Sitges


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