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Sitges Gay Events 2017


Sitges has something for every taste. From bear events to tango parties, fireworks to beach parties.... there is never a shortage of something to do! We have listed the key events below in Sitges for 2017.


Sitges Gay Carnival 2017

Sitges Carnival 2017
February 21 - March 1, 2017

Carnival has to be Sitges' wildest party. Even though it is on in February it is still the hottest party in town! On the most popular days you will find more than 300,000 partygoers dancing on the major streets across the town. The busy months of July and August look positively dead! Gay boys and girls from the 4 corners of the world descend on our little town and party the week away!

Jueves Lardero or Fat Tuesday,marks the beginning of carnival with a huge celebration of local dishes and the arrival of the King of the Carnestoltes and ends with the Burial of a Sardine on Ash Wednesday. There's more to do than eat, though.

The busiest days are Sunday and Tuesday, when the local carnival parade makes its way down the Rua del Extermini in decorated carriages, sporting the campest razzle-dazzle type outfits you have ever seen. (The parades are themed, Rua de la Disbauxa -r the Debauchery Parade, on Sunday night and the Rua de l'Extermini - the Extermination Parade, on Tuesday night.

Tuesday, the final day of carnival, also sees some amazing drag shows. Think you have seen it all... you haven't! Some of Europe's top drag performers make their way to sitges to bitch-battle it out with each other to the great amusements of the revelers.

The Sitges Gay Carnival takes place 4 days before the regular Sitges Carnival begins. Jam packed with events it includes La noche rosa, Pink night, Noche de las Mantillas - where people wear traditional Spanish normally worn at weddings & funerals, Noche de las touristas, - the tourist night (great fun) and finally the Noche de las Viudas or the Widows night (probably because you've murdered your boyfriend for being bold).


Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally 2017

Barcelona to Sitges Vintage Car Rally
March 4 & 5, 2017

Vintage cars travel along the old sea-side road from Barcelona to Sitges.

In 1959, and thanks to the initiative of a group of Sitgetans united under Foment de Turisme de Sitges (Sitges Tourism Promotion), the Barcelona-Sitges International Vintage Car Rally was born. The Barcelona-Sitges Vintage Car Rally is a concentration of privately-owned vehicles made before 1900 and up to 1924. The competition winners are not just the fastest, but the ones with the most original automobiles and who also dress in accordance with the times of the car they are participating with.


Sitges Gay Fetish Week 2017

Sitges Fetish Week 2017
March 23 -25, 2017

Europe’s top Fetish Parties will hold themed nights during the event. The Organic and Bunker clubs will be redesigned to provide one big cruise zone. And the first Mr Fetish Sitges will take place during the event.

Social activities will also include a gala fetish dinner, fetish cocktail hour and more.


Easter in Gay Sitges 2017

Easter in Sitges 2017 - Semana Santa
April 13 -17, 2017

Easter in Sitges marks the return of the party season to the Village. After its brief Siesta since Carnival (normally late Feb early March), Easter sees an influx of international visitors and the bars, clubs and restaurants open up their doors again for the Spring/Summer Season.

Tourists have already begun arriving in Sitges by the time Easter comes around. The event marks the beginning of the Season with many bars reopening for the first time since Carnival. The bars, clubs and restaurants will all be busy during the week leading up to and the week of Easter. The traditional Palm Sunday and Good Friday parades are beautiful and poignant whatever your religion. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed as warm weather marks the return of the coming Season.


Sitges International Bears Meeting 2017

Sitges International Bear Meeting 2017
April 27 - May 1, 2017

The very popular Bears Week, Spring Edition event will take place from the April 27th to the 1st of May and marks the traditional start of the Sitges Season.

Beach games and picnic - Excursion and official lunch - Games and parties at B.S.C. Disco - Bear route with happy hour - Foam Party at Sauna Sitges, paintballing, special dinners, beach meetings and pool parties and much more.
Web site


Delice Dream Sitges 2017 Gay Spring Break

Delice Dream Gay Spring Break 2017
May 16 - 21, 2017

Kick off the start of the Sitges 2017 season with the official Gay Spring Break, brought to you by Delice Dream. The event will take place over 6 days in May. From poolside parties to nightly events, dinner shows and more, its one event not to be missed.

The event attracts lots of young guys who like to party. Previous events have included, 6 international parties and 4 dinner shows, Previous parties have included BLASPHEMY (Dress code: Priest & Prostitute), DELICEDREAM main party (Europe), Crazyvores (Paris), Foam party by BearsBox & ShouShou (France- Belgium), THE GYM (Belgium), WHITE FIESTA.
Web site


Gay Pride Sitges 2017

Sitges Gay Pride 2017
June 8 - 12. Main Parade - Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sitges Pride 2017, is set to become an even bigger event. This year the event celebrates its 8th anniversary with a bigger open air stage with celebrity guests, international djs, tribute acts, fashion shows and more. This year, the main bar in the Gay Village will be open for the five days of the festivities, from the Thursday to the Monday Night. The main pride parade will take place on Sunday from 5pm attracting several thousand visitors. More than 26 floats and thousands of participants are expected for the parade.

The gay village by the sea is the epicentre of Sitges Pride, hosting 5 days of concerts, t-dances, fashion shows and more. 5,000+ people gather each evening to celebrate into the night.

Gay Pride Sitges 2017 centrepiece will once again be the Pride by the Promenade where every day the Gay Pride Village will keep you entertained by the Mediterranean.. kicking off every evening with the stunning Sitges Pride T-Dance!
Gay Pride Sitges Web site


Corpus Christy Flower Festival Sitges

Corpus Christy Flower Festival
June 18, 2017

They carpet the streets of Sitges with flowers. The town of Sitges celebrates Corpus Chisti every year with style! Sections of the major streets are closed to traffic for at least 24 hours.
Then intricate templates are drawn on the road. Neighbors from each street gather into the small hours of morning, plucking the petals off Carnation flowers. These petals are then placed on the patterns on the road.


San Juan Sitges

San Juan - June 23, 2017
Midsummer in Catelunya is celebrated with a big bang, as fireworks fill the sky in a prelude to the national holiday of the Feast of John the Baptist. Ancient traditions observed the summer solstice as the most important event of the solar year and fire was celebrated as the symbol of abundance, purity and fertility. So too today, the solstice festivities have fire as their central focus. Each neighbourhood stages fireworks and all-night bonfires are fueled by collections of old furniture, but the biggest celebration is at Monjuice in Barcelona, with a fabulous firework display and a colossal bonfire. There are dances and celebrations in the squares, street parties, music and entertainment throughout the city, and in all the homes, traditional cake or 'coca' is eaten and sparkling wine (cava) is drunk. It's well worth a trip to Barcelona for this one, to watch the fireworks. Mar Bella Beach, Espigó de Bac de Roda 1, is where everyone gay heads, for the biggest gay beach party of the year!


Gay Pride Barcelona 2017

Barcelona Gay Pride 2017
June 28 - July 8, 2017

For the 9th year running, Barcelona is well into the preparations to welcome you to the most important LGBT pride festival in the Mediterranean – Pride Barcelona'17. The main celebrations will be on the weekend of the 7th, and 8th of July, but entire festival includes a program that runs from the 28th of June!

30 charitable associations, many local businesses and the entire LBGT community have again united to organise a new pride for the city – offering ten days of culture, sport, debate, entertainment and parties. Pride Barcelona is a major free not-for-profit event that both celebrates the best of the Catalan capital.

Spain is a shining example of LGBT Rights, and is already on the global map for pride celebrations in Madrid and Maspalomas – always reaffirming our open, respectful and tolerant character. Barcelona is now firmly placed on that map – growing bigger and better every year.

Come and experience Pride Barcelona 2017. See for yourself why this new event is now among the greatest pride celebrations in the world!
Gay Pride Barcelona Web site


Circuit Festival Barcelona 2017

Circuit Festival Barcelona
August 5 - 20, 2017

Barcelona Circuit Festival, celebrates its 10 anniversary in 2017 and takes place from the 5th to the 20th of August. The highlights of the Circuit Festival include the main party on the closing Saturday night and the Aqua Park Festival.

The event has grown to become one of the most important gay events in the Summer calendar and attracted more than 70,000 visitors last year. Many of those visiting spent their days by the beach in Sitges and the nights partying in Barcelona.
Circuit Barcelona Web site


Fiesta Mayor Sitges

Fiesta Mayor
August 19th to 26th
August 23rd. 22:00 - Firework display

This carnival is worth seeing! 'Fiesta Mayor' means 'Main Carnival', and it really is! The total disrespect for safety is what makes it so exciting. Fire crackers are being lit left, right and center and aimed in every direction. The dragons which have fire crackers in their mouths even chase you! You'll see most people are wearing straw hats, that's to make sure their eyes don't get burned out. They duck when the dragons charge so that the hats protect their eyes. This fiesta is an amazing sight for sore eyes. Oops, bad pun.


Bears Week Week Sitges 2017, September 1 - 11

Sitges International Bear Week 2017
September 1 - 11, 2017

Sitges Bears week in September is one of the biggest and most popular Bear festivals in Europe attracting more than 5,000 visitors, bears, admirers, chasers, muscle bears and more. The "Bear Village" may be on the paseo, but the bears are everywhere – Sitges is transformed into a bear heaven for 11+ days.

Sitges Bears Week has grown from a group of bears wanting to have a party to an international event that fills the town of Sitges during the first two weeks of September. There are parties and events held throughtout the entire village. There is also a dedicated bears village by the beach with shows, dj's and more. The Mr Bear Sitges competition is also held on the final weekend of the event. The event attracts guys of all ages and types and many new friendships are made and old ones rekindled. Web site.


Santa Tecla Sitges

Santa Tecla
September 16 - 25, 2017

If you missed Fiesta Mayor, here's your chance to get a taste of it. Santa Tecla is a miniature Fiesta Mayor. It is a big event for Sitgeans with the Church of Santa Tecla forming the backdrop of the key events. Expect lots of noisey fireworks and more of those crazy castellers as they make taller and taller human towers. Each afternoon and evening, mythical Catalan characters dance their way through the town in a full traditional folkloric procession which includes the Bull, Dragon, Devil, Giant and Turk Dances. The festivities culminate in a large fireworks display on the beach front on the 22nd at 11pm.


Sitges Oktoberfest

Sitges Oktoberfest 2017
October 20 - 21, 2017

Sitges Oktoberfest took place for the first time in 2014. The event was such a success that it has been transformed into a weekend event since then.

Think lots of German Sausage! Add in some authentic German Music and of course beer… lots of delicous German Beer, specially imported for the event. Add to this the mild October weather and you have all the ingredients for one fun weekend, right at the end of the Sitges Summer Season.

Special dinners and shows featuring Lady Diamond will take place at Parrots Restaurant. More venues, parties and events are planned for the 2017 Oktoberfest.


Three Kings Parade Sitges

Three Kings Parade - January 5th, 2018.
January 6th is when Christmas is traditionally celebrated in Spain, and of course, like everything else, they celebrate it in style in Sitges. A parade lead by the arrival of the 3 Kings sets off from Plaza Fragata in front of the church, the night before.

The parade is focussed on the biblical story of the three wise men following the star to Bethlehem. The parade departs from Plaza Fragata, in front of the town's church, with the procession led by an inflated star and the Three Kings, or 'Tres Magi' – Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior. As the Three Kings proceed through the town they are followed by a procession of decorated floats, musicians, military bands and people dressed in medieval costumes.



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